foXXX: J Strokes Ass Is Really A Fat Ass

Can we have a round of applause for 18YOhybrid?
He was my handy dandy Wolf Tail investigator who found the video to this gif:

Can we say, “finally?”…


If he was to get on top of me,
I’d have a handful of that tail in both my hands; squeezing the life of of it.
I’d even use it as a pillow or a table to rest snacks on in bed.

I’m just sayin…

I came… did you?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “foXXX: J Strokes Ass Is Really A Fat Ass”

    1. Fat or skinny..he still looks good. He, Rico, Nat Turnher, Justin and BPumper have the best cakes in the biz. Enviable indeed.

  1. @18yohybrid thankyou. I owe you hand job. A dry hand job. Lotion will cost ya.
    @Omg there will be no neg talk of my Asstastic king! I can’t watch the vid on my phone. Won’t bother clicking, lets just hope it’s still avail when I get to a computer…

    1. Oh, how benevolent of you!
      I only accept offers for favors I can’t do myself…
      I’ll leave that to your imagination

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