foXXX: Is TI Really The King Of The “South”?

ti1…read between the lines with that title.
well remember that last entry on ti?

well an alleged un-edited shot of his “tip” got the full exposure today.
i’ll let you judge for yourself…


tumblr_mol93h9rgZ1s559c9o1_500my thoughts:

the type of fucker that gets all big and brolic when provoked
you might second guess the power it has
can pack a mean punch

kinda like the owner.
well this is the thought in my head.
lets hope it’s the reality.

lowkey: remember ( x that porno star who looked like ti ) ?
i always imagined thats what he smashed like.
in my ratchet thoughts.

17 thoughts on “foXXX: Is TI Really The King Of The “South”?

  1. Ok, I’ll be the one to ask the question no one seems to be asking right now. Why does Tiny look like Michael Meyers in the face?

    1. I think the real question is why does Ti describe wanting the exact opposite of Tiny in his “Mediocre” song?

  2. Guys, some guys are “growers” and other guys are “showers”. The growers have penises that are relatively small when flaccid but grow to be substantially larger when erect. The showers have penises that are relatively large when flaccid but typically don’t grow much larger when erect. Of course, some guys have small penises that don’t get much larger when erect. The moral of the story is: Don’t judge what size a penis might be erect by its size when it’s flaccid.

    1. Absolutely true. Some of those growers would have you underestimating them until they become erect and have you running for the hills.

  3. I think I could deal with an average sized dick. The best part of anal for me is when they pull it out. I don’t know why but that feels the best.

    I know, tmi.

  4. I think we (gays) can be overly obsessed with penis size. Like unless it’s a MICRO PENIS 😯 , then we should be good right? I mean, I for one want to be able to hold my excrement when I’m old…IJS

    1. guys with small dicks have some interesting personality and not in a good way either. Just saying.

      1. No, it the pubic hair that gives it the illusion of being thick. It happens to all of us, don’t be embarrass.

    2. I know that’s right. He looks pretty average to me. Most men are not gonna have a mandingo 9, 10, or 11 inch penis.

  5. lord have mercy..wheres the damn BEEF????? OMFG..i prefered to fantasize about it then to actually see the damn thing,,,,so disappointed…NOW I CAN SEE WHY HIS BITCH IS TRYING TO FUCK FLOYD …good lord….I hope he has swelling skin

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