foXXX: How To Be A 1 and Get A Train Ran On By A Group of +4

he’s cute.
looks like he has a nice piece of meat too.
too bad, he’s so dirty.
he and his +3 decide to run the train on a 1.
all for the wonderful world of ratchet we call: “worldstarhiphop“.



couldn’t be me.
sadly, they looked cute.
but, wolves will be wolves right?

check out his twitter feed.
interesting what he (and his gang of followers) is saying about this entire incident…


is this what we have to do to gain followers these days?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

30 thoughts on “foXXX: How To Be A 1 and Get A Train Ran On By A Group of +4”

  1. The things people do these days. In these videos, the woman is always out of shape, bald headed, or with a fucked up weave. LOL

  2. And then he says that he has an old lady…smh

    N*ggers. However, she allowed it to happen, so she can’t say much…the responses are kinda off the hook… *heavy sigh*

    A threesome is all I want to deal with

    1. ^reading the responses on that wall saddened me.
      as much as a freak i am,
      i felt that it was too much.

      sidebar: at least she was getting a million dick march from some cute wolves.
      …i tried to be positive.

    2. Edit (now that I watched): at least they’re wearing condoms…I’ll give them that. But it’s foul how he was recording without her knowing & straight lied — and then posted it online. He had some decency to not show her face. Still foul though

    1. Yes she can sue them for recoeding her without consent. If she knew before hand then she couldn’t get anything out of it. If she didn’t want to be recorded then that’s her dumbness for doing it in the first place. Women know how men are.

  3. I think she can sue them and she should.

    I don’t know what it is with our generation and our need to film and publicize everything. More than that, they’re all dirty dick niggas and are the type of dudes I refuse to associate with.

    Not only does she ask if she’s being recorded and he lies about it, but she’s drunk as hell. Then he uploads it for everyone to see?


      1. I doubt she could stick them for rape — she didn’t agree to the recording, not the sex. She’s quite the willing participant.

      2. Right, there is no proof of date rape. You know how it goes. When you’re drunk it’s hard to prove. From what I have seen in the video she was a willing participant.

        1. ^even if she was shit faced drunk?
          to the point she didn’t know what was going on?
          i know in the concrete forest the law is,
          if you have sex with a man/woman drunk,
          and they say it wasn’t authorized…
          that is considered rape and automatic jail time, no questions asked.

      3. It’s hard to prove because she was drunk, but she also was a willing participant according to the video. It also depends on the state laws too. That’s why I would never sex down someone when they’re drunk or high cause shit can get real.

    1. like i told him, a need to be famous. he looked cute-r from the pic in the vid, only to see his twitter, he wasnt that nice

  4. These situations are becoming more and more common. I just don’t get it. Do these girls not have any decent friends that will look out for them when they get wasted?

    Notice they’re never running a train on a top notch woman in the looks department.

    Then why would you show your face in the video? I wouldn’t want that shit following me.

    I’m not going to lie and say there’s no video of me somewhere, but you won’t see my face or any familiar tattoos or body parts that will link me to it.

    That why I can deny it on my death bed. Lol

  5. How does this differ from what we see on various websites like xtube and xvideos? Is it because it isn’t ‘professionally’ done with a boom Mic, lighting, and director? Is ratchet because they’re all black? To me, they’re simply mirroring what they see on computer screens on websites with videos that receive lots of hits, 5 star ratings, and double to triple digit comments. This is a reflection of a culture that has been created and reinforced.

      1. Why is this surprising to anyone? The same people commenting about how gross/ratchet/nigger-ish/sad this video is are no doubt masturbating to similar scenes on other websites. I’m not sure I understand where this criticism is stemming from?

        1. ^i can’t speak for anyone else,
          but i found it sad because she did not know she was being recorded without her consent.
          although i watched/jacked off to videos with a bottom getting served,
          this wolf is all over twitter promoting it/and his record company.
          he is attention hoeing the video + he put that vixen’s picture up.
          with the bottoms in the videos,
          you just see a body and his ass.

      2. The video wasn’t surprising. It was sad.

        Especially sad that they took advantage of her knowing she was drunk.

      3. In the porn we expect them to do that, but that to is degrading as well. This woman isn’t getting a damn thing out of it but sex with those guys. When you post videos of anything sexual to the net people can judge and everybody isn’t prepared for that. Women get judged harshly when they participate in this type of behavior because it’s not lady like. People including me believe that women are supposed to be ladies in the streets and freaks in the sheets, even though that is a stereotype.

        I would make a home movie, but that movie will stay at home. It wouldn’t be released to the public where people can judge.

  6. Wow, just seeing his tweets and people actually encouraging him lets me know we’re in our last days. Then he showed a picture of the girl too?!

    I need to get right with Jesus because society is crumbling. He’s definitely going to have to answer for that. Real talk.

    When I see videos like this I think what if that was my little sister or my little cousin being taken advantage of like that?

    1. Exactly. The fact that people are encouraging the behavior is what really makes me sad. Is that shit something to brag about? I would be ashamed, honestly.

  7. Ummm maybe yall missed it but he actually does this quite often. It doesnt make it right but this was her second video with him. Also this video is old and did have consequences he was kicked out of his college and he is the only one who got in trouble because he took the blame for everyone there.

    1. Too bad. So sad.

      People need to start giving more thought to the shit they do on the internet. The video isn’t really the issue. The fact he felt the need to post it everywhere is.

      Now, I remember his face and I’m sure future employers will too. Just stupid.

      More than that, he’s not that damn cute.

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