foXXX: He Felt Like Asian That Night

tumblr_n8z4yqnTXG1qk5j8to3_1280sometimes when a wolf is hungry,
with a body like that,
he can pretty much get anything on the menu.
coochie crumpets.
booty burgers.
sausage stuffed squash.
well this wolf was in the mood for asian takeout.
judging from the way he went at it
(this is 18^ and nsfw)…


…it seems like he was really hungry.
he dug all the way and every which way in her plate.


lowkey: can we talk about how FIONE he is tho?
holy moley!

she wasn’t bad either.
i really love amateur “put the camera on the tv stand and go” porn.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “foXXX: He Felt Like Asian That Night”

  1. Yes he put it down. I loved seeing that booty as soon it started.

    I like amateur porn too but I hate when they start catching feelings and deleting their shit. Especially when their shit is way better than professional porn and it’s your go to. 🙁

    Makes me mad until I see they got over whatever it was and uploaded their videos again. 🙂

    Till they delete em again because, feelings. 🙁

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