foXXX: The Gym Rat Works Out In A Few Foxholes

tumblr_mtcao85DxQ1qe8nc8o1_1280i always wondered how gym rats were in the sack?
especially the @attentionwhores of social media.
they always like to show off these nice muscles on instagram or twitter,
working out in vine videos,
but do they really work you out in the bed?
i always imagined them flexin’ a muscle in the mirror while poundin’ you out.
ya know something corny.
well this gym rat here (nsfw and 18^)…

tumblr_mtjm73qNe51qg4uuho1_250 tumblr_mtjm73qNe51qg4uuho2_250 tumblr_mtjm73qNe51qg4uuho3_250well lets just say he gets straight to business!
that half sock on should tell ya…

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okay i’d like to “work out” a gym rat.
*rolls dice*
lets hope he can train me good.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “foXXX: The Gym Rat Works Out In A Few Foxholes”

  1. One of my IG homies lol, was really shocked that he was into dudes, well not that shocked, because he does love to show off, he’s been around a while and he is much bigger than when he started a couple of years ago. Waiting for him to make more videos though, these have gotten old lol.

  2. I knew he was but never seen him in action … He let it be known that was in fact gay a year or two ago but after that he’s gotten less personal besides his tumblr … I wish I could find a gym rat in Chicago who workout with me, I want to be a muscle fox lol

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