foXXX: Flash Brown Gives A Round of Applause For His Pipe Layin’

BIGBLACKWOLFi feel i haven’t talked about “ex baller wolf turned p star” flash brown in a minute.
say hello to a veteran porn wolf within the foxhole everyone.
i think i was one of the first sites to ever really talk about him.
well he has went off to destroying vixens walls with that heavy artillery.
i saw this foxxx tonight and had to show and tell.
“flash brown gives a snow bunny her first…”
nsfw and 18^…
x watch flash brown give himself a round of applause

his stroke>>>>
i like he throws his back in the pussy.
his cheeks were def clappin at the end.
they knew he fucked that snow bunny type stupid.
this was my ( x all time favorite foxxx ) with him tho.

x visit flash brown @ his blogspot

13 thoughts on “foXXX: Flash Brown Gives A Round of Applause For His Pipe Layin’

  1. FB or Gee as I knew him started out the perfect gentleman as far as porn stars go… over time he started “borrowing” (stealing) my car for days at a time which I desperately needed as a full time college student, one by one he isolated me from each of my friends and drove a wedge between me & my family members, introduced me to serious drug-use (fortunately Is no longer an issue), he would “borrow” money that I didn’t have to be lending, he’d use me a a co-signer on credit applications without my knowledge. – was still receiving collections calls up until a couple years ago. He always claimed his ex-wife was a psycho who made up the DV charges, but 2 weeks after my dad died, this man punched me multiple times in the face because I called him “stupid” in an argument. Did I provoke him? Perhaps, but he is a 6’6” 220 lb athletic man and my face sure looked like it afterwards. Excuse that one as my fault if you choose, but on multiple occasions he would hit or slap me while I was lying in bed SLEEPING because he had gone out, gotten drunk & made up something to be upset about while I was at home being a faithful idiot. On my first Father’s Day after my dad passed, I slept on the couch in my own place because he had slapped me in my sleep, yelled “Fuck your dad mayne” and I didn’t feel safe being in the same room as him. He would yell at me for things as small as changing my twitter profile picture or getting my nails done in a way he didn’t like, he would lock me outside in the middle of the night when we would have arguments, he’d pick a fight and ignore me for a day conveniently when a side bitch would come m into town, but emotionally terrorize me for any interactions with males including childhood friends/family members to the point where I would be begging for HIS forgiveness (so fucking backwards). At one awards show he accused me of cheating after I went to use the ladies room without obtaining his permission. I have pictures/emails/BBM convos (lol yes it was that long ago) etc to verify my claims, but am not willing to post publicly as I would like to maintain my anonymity. I have had 2 other women reach out to me since the fact confirming that he had also gotten violent with them – having broken one of their noses & the other ones jaw. Youth is wasted on the young because none of this shit would fly with me today.

  2. Why are the so called straight men think that they are so much more than we are as gay men? I have studied Psychology and every male has gay tendencies, but they may not act upon it. Do not be fooled by these guys, because in certain circumstances they will do things that they say they want do!

  3. I wish I was a woman so I could get some of that pipe.

    I don’t know what’s with straight dudes being surprised that they have gay fans.I remember a guy who posed nude for Play Girl was shocked when he found out that over 90% of Play Girl’s subscribers are men.

    Another guy who participated in a knock off of Girls Gone Wild was shocked when he found out that the majority of buyers of Guys Gone Wild were men.He tried to play it off like he didn’t care but I could tell he was bothered by it a little bit.

    1. Don’t let “Flash” fool you. He is an illusionist & only portrays himself as he wants people to see him. Just ask his wife, @alexxxiscouture about how she was beat up & abused by him. Flash claims not to be gay but in November of 2009 was bartending in a GAY bar, he was living with a GAY man in L.A., he uses women for money & sex but one thing for sure. He likes DICK too. Now he has latched on to a women, Inge Lynn Collins Bongo, his perfect partner in crime & source of money that comes in illegal wire transfers from Africa. This is quite the pair. Just Google her & “Flash”, real name Gariel Brownlee. You won’t find much info on his “basketball career”, you will find a trail of bank fraud, probation violations, drug charges and spousal abuse. When will people wake the fuck up and see him for the SOCIOPATH that he is. Check Riverside County court records. …he’s nothing but a broke loser who will step on anyone to get to the top. The women who have been his victims should speak up like his wife did. There is a reason why he beats women….. he questions his own manhood. He likes dick!! And hates himself for liking it….

      1. ^WHOA!
        it’s sad to hear this because he always came off as friendly with me.
        that is why when someone said he was homophobic,
        I was shocked!
        I guess this segues with the entry i wrote today.

      2. Sad is an understatement. People need to learn how to look passed the fake charm, big penis & model look. He uses this to his advantage to lure unsuspecting ladies……… and maybe some men. He finds their weakness, sink s his claws in, promises the world, then starts beating their ass if things don’t go his way. Any man who beats up women REPEATEDLY must be stopped. Clearly this behavior is dangerous & just a matter of time before someone is hurt beyond repair. He’s a very crafty preditor not a star and should not be rewarded while his victims lay silent in pain. He does porn because its easy to play in the devil’s playground & in an industry that maintains low standards on talent. An industry that accepts drug addicts & alcoholics and the end result will be self destruction…… stay tuned. His next court date is October 8th. A violation of probation hearing for inflicting corporal injury on his spouse. Why is this ignored? They should throw the book at him!!

      3. Ive met Flash several times and he’s a complete gentleman. And he’s cool with straight or gay guys. I heard he worked a bar one night as a favor for a friend that needed help. Which was cool on his part. And me my home girls know for sure he’s NOT GAY! Trust Me 😉 For as the legal issue with his ex girl I hear that she provoked him continuously until one day they both was fighting. Not saying it’s cool to hassle with a girl but us woman should know not to be your self in a mans place and stop when were ahead. And why is this person trying her/his best to make a bad name for Flash…. Half the write up posted are LIES! We all need to get a life and get out of other peoples business. #TeamFlash

      4. Sounds like whom ever wrote these two post from “Truth Verified” & “The Other Bitch He Pissed off” is very obsessed and angry at Flash…. Very personal. Could be his ex-girl posting from both accounts. I hear that Flash dumped her in 2010 and 4 years later she’s still going crazy over him. Wow! That has to be some amazing DICK 😉 I have a girlfriend in the industry that fucks around with him says nothing negative about him and he is well educated & established with a Estate house in Palm Springs & a private Loft in Santa Monica Beach area. A degree in Business Administration. OMG I love a street educated business man. Somebody is in there feelings big time! **jealousy**

  4. I don’t care that he doesn’t like gays because he is nothing but a sex object, so nobody cares what he have to say. Now that said, the video was pretty hot, but the snow bunny need to shut the fuck up with that annoying voice.

  5. Boooo, he has spoken openly on several occasions about his disdain for gay fans, so,i’m not doing him anymore. Even going as far as threatening lawsuits

      1. … Wtf is he suing for?
        a 200 million dollar court case because a man thought he was attractive?
        does he thinks females are buying his pornos?

        don’t be stupid.

    1. So where did you see or hear him speak negatively about gays? Sounds like a lot of he say she say none sense.

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