foXXX: Is This What “Not Enjoying Your Penis” Looks Like?

tumblr_masmrexOML1qhe3fh^that’s the face of what “enjoying your penis” looks like.
“oh fuck yes.”
“damn that shit is so good.”
“god i want to have your fuckin’ kids.”
sometimes even:
“god you fuckin stupid ass ignorant piece of….
oooooooooh you fuck me so damn stupid.”
“i may let him nut on my face or swallow it”.
i personally love that face.
well some vixens and foxes don’t know that face well.
as a wolf…
you need to know the difference between ^that face and this one:

mcgrbrno one likes this one.
you can’t just shove it up in there and fuck me like the street walkers you’re used to.
well the wolf in this video doesn’t seem to understand that.
it was actually quite disturbing to me as i watched it.
this video is NSFW and 18^:


was she a virgin?
nothing worse than a wolf,
  his big peen,
and him trying to tame you with it.
not gonna work.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “foXXX: Is This What “Not Enjoying Your Penis” Looks Like?”

      1. You didn’t know that? Coconut oil is a multi purpose, but I used it for blowjobs because just like extra virgin olive oil it helps to take the dick deeper in the throat plus for the taste. and for the rimjob, don’t get me wrong, but wouldn’t you want to eat to some ass that taste good?

  1. im just seeing this shit and im extremely turned on..DAMN i need a top like that i like that aggressive shit…lol thats daddy dick right there…

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