foXXX: Is This What Being Effed Silly Looks Like?

tumblr_lrg4a7nUOQ1qmutqno1_500this is a “ratchet jamari” entry.
all christians and “high and all mightys” please go read your bible.
this entry is NSFW,

i have been so horny lately.
i go to sleep dreaming about getting some.
i wake up wanting some.
my body is craving a vicious beat down by a unforgiving pipe.
im sure its on the way.
i did get a different kind of position after that long 2 year wait.
anyway i saw this foXXX and i felt so jealous of this fox!


was that pipe thrown like a master thrower or was it not?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “foXXX: Is This What Being Effed Silly Looks Like?”

  1. a deep ass pounding. i needs that. whoever dicksucka is on xtube, he needs to hook us up. ain even cute and gets ALL THE WOLVES….

  2. and you can tell he was doing the long deep strokes…smh and that wolf had a nice body too…but with a top like that i would have been throwing it back and riding him like crazy lol

  3. That’s Harry Lins, the brazilian wolf model/escort. He got a nice dick in the fotos!
    But shit I know how you feel I been craving for sex so much. Every morning I have a hard woody that disturb me when I am sleeping.

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