foXXX: Down Where All The Super Hot Wolves Go


ever so often,
an unsuspecting horny wolf gets tricked by a jackal wearing fox fur.
he’s promised some amazing head or the world’s wettest butt checks.
remember when pussy was the destruction of a man?
times have definitely changed.
i posted this foxxx back in the day….



the diksukka reeled another one in.
well that video needed a rewind:

peep here to go down into the basement again

lowkey: he hasn’t updated his site.
i read in his comment section that he was beat up and put into a coma.

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 1.33.17 PM

his comments.

like the last story i posted that turned out to be a lie,
is this true?

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “foXXX: Down Where All The Super Hot Wolves Go”

  1. No, it apparently (and fortunately) is not true…although many seemed to be relishing the possibility. Which is sad. If one is living one’s own life to the fullest, there is no need (or time) to wish ill on others you dislike or with whom you disagree. That’s like straight people worrying about what gay people do. Why bother?

    1. ^thank you alan.

      this is why i love my readers.
      we get real confirms without the judgement.
      this is the second story where someone’s rep has been tarnished.
      i was sadden to hear he was beat up and nearly killed.
      i’m so glad that turned out to be a lie.

  2. He is maintenance supervisor at one of Atlanta’s section8 high rise. No truth to the coma routine but he was apparently assaulted for his cellphone last month at 3:15 am walking on 4th and spring.

    1. That’s why his ass is always in that same damn basement!

      He’s like Booman from Good Times. Lol

    2. I thought alot of his videos were from a basement in New York though. Are you real or just being a hater on dude?

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