foXXX: Arquez Wanted To Ride Too

I like Arquez.
BUT I guess he was a hot Wolf “for the moment”.

But I see this trend in foXXX these days.
The new meat starts off being a:


Transition into a Hybrid

and before you know it, they getting their Fox tails beat.

Where are the Wolves like Dream who leave the Foxin to the professionals?
Don’t get me started on the Foxes turn Wolves…

Anyway, here is Arquez doing Hybrid in this new flick…


It was a little hot though.
I see he hoped off that pipe real quick to beat some gutz in.

Can’t blame him.
I wonder if he’ll be going full on Fox in later flicks?
You know they like to creep into it slowly…

Hope you liked.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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