foXXX: Ace Rockwood Serves This Snow Bunny Some Fresh Meat

foxes: would you like to get served too?

as you know,
ace rockwood is a good smash.
the ultimate wolf.
i found an upload of his latest (maybe?) performance…


ace has nice teeth.
i love boi pussy for these gifs, btw.

lowkey: ace would be the perfect friend with benefits.
i hope he has a clean slate.
this has been the best week ever for porn performers on ijf.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “foXXX: Ace Rockwood Serves This Snow Bunny Some Fresh Meat”

  1. I love Ace! He’s not the wolf you make your boyfriend. He’s the kinda wolf you call after you ain’t had none in looong time cuz he beats it up!!!

      1. I agree. Now I can admit that if I see a really fem dude, I will assume he’s a bottom, but that’s normal. IMO. A friend of mine told me he thought I was a bottom cause I was skinny and was cool ppl. I was very disgusted with him and I let him know it lol. I’m like dude that has nothing to do with it.

        Ace could get it yo.

      2. @immanuel I’m spending the night on my couch then or he won’t even make it to my apartment, he’s attractive…not my type.

  2. Of course he loves snow bunnies. His best and favorite scenes was interracial with Lucas Entertainment. That’s when he was at the “top” of his game!

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