foXXX: Ace Rockwood Likes His Meat Pink

I had given up hope on Ace Rockwood flicks.

You seen one; you seen em all.
He always look so bored giving the pipe to black Foxes.
… until I watched a few flicks of him diggin out Snow Foxes…

Ace Rockwood is MUCH BETTER better when he plays in the snow.
Don’t you agree?
He does that “Ima fuck you for slavery” type hard rock sex.

Sidebar: You ever notice black porn stars fuck the shit out of the white ones?

Here is a flick that proves my point.


I came… did you?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “foXXX: Ace Rockwood Likes His Meat Pink”

  1. Not familiar with him…And I prefer Black on Black porn…But when I started to get tired of Black on Black porn (seemed like they were recycling all the same guys) I started looking into interracial porn. I noticed several thing. 1) you get to see some bruthas that you don’t see in every damn porn scene, which is exciting…New meat is always exciting…2) the production value and yes the fucking seemed to be better (sometimes). This intrigued me. I found the website of this one brotha who I found to be the sexiest thing alive (at the time). Started emailing him. He would email me back. I became comfortable and asked him several questions. One thing I remember was why he only fucked White boys on film. His response was something like…The studio I’m under contract with only likes to sign a few men of color and they require you only fuck white boys. Something about it made it exotic…He also told me that he started off fucking whoever, but realised the money was in fucking White boys…Most of the shit he used to say to me was BS…His boyfriend was White too…Nothing wrong with that (rolls eyes) However I did come to a conclusion…Think about it Jamari…Unlike Str8 porn where those White girls who Fuck Black men on screne and their stock goes down and many performers won’t even work with them after that…Black men may possibly be mking more money fucking Snow Bunnies…And if the money is better AND the money effects their performance…Wouldnt it appear as tho they prefer fucking the Bunnies? I’m just saying…If I went from making 200 for a scene last week, to 500 for a scene this weel cuzz it’s interracial…Im thinking I an pay this bill and that bill and hence I’m gone enhoy it or atleast look like I’m enjoying it more.ha

    1. I suppose I should have separated this into paragraphs AND did a lil bit of spell checking…But hey I’m on my phon so suck it 🙂

    2. ^I agree with you.
      I started getting into interracial porn when I noticed the men started looking better and they would literally fuck ol boy (or girls) brains out.
      Ace seems bored with black porn Foxes.
      He gets into it when he fucks Snow Foxes.

      Is that really true that white women fuckin black men brings down their stock??

      1. Absolutely true Jamari. It’s so sad, especially in an industry like the porn industry, but racism is very much alive and well. None of those contract girls have slept with Black men on film, and if they did it was early on in their career. Eventho those straight White porn dude be hung as well,,,Theres always some horse dicked Black dude to make them look small. Jealousy, envy, and flat out racism. No longer a fan, but when I used to watch the Howard Stern show he’d ask the porn chicks that question all the time…And the brave ones would speak on it. If you sleep with a Black dude on film you’ll never reach Jenna Jamison status…Its crazy. It’s fucking porn…

        Hollywood can be the same way. Had a friend who was the background casting assistant for several tv shows…Youd be amazed at how many of your favorite shows would tell him Light skinned or ambiguous looking Black extras only! The excuse being oh it’s a small town setting or there’s already a Black lead character. Shits crazy man…I guess that’s different from porn, but still it’s all racism yanno…

  2. ^^that is really deep.

    fuck color…
    i’m trying to get OFF.
    I like a good looking wolf with a nice body fucking something…
    that is it.

    people need to keep their racism out of porn, pull their dicks out, and jack off.
    point blank.

    1. I work in casting and I never been asked to cast light skinned or ambiguous looking black extras. I wonder if your friend works for Central Casting because my experience with casting African Americans in Hollywood that darker complexion African American men are cast more frequently in films than are lighter complexion men. Look at the leading black men Denzel Washington, Samuel L Jackson, Anthony Mackie, and we do cast mostly SAG extras and we have cast mostly darker complexion men. For some reason it seems like Hollywood don’t take African American pretty boys very seriously. I do agree that lighter complexion African Americans are employed more in the news media than darker complexion ones. I also agree with you however that Hollywood is extremely racist when it comes to casting films and television shows.

      1. Yes he worked for central…And several other places. I think it’s different with leading Black men. Not many of them are getting cast off of looks. Sam,Morgan,Forrest…Look how long it took Hwood to embrace Idris as a handsome leading man. But I get what you’re saying and thanx for the reply **goes to read ur 2nd comment,,,it looks**

  3. Hey Jai:

    LOL I can write an entire paper on racism in Hollywood, and in most cases I don’t think that it is really about black on black racism. Hummmmmm let me see if I can break it down in non industry terms. I think when it comes to black on black discrimination in films we tend to discriminate against ourselves when it comes to the type of films we produce that usually plays into the stereotypical black roles and into black buffoonery. This limits the type of roles we are cast in or the type of films and television shows that we can produce; for example Tyler Perry is now the industry standard of what Hollywood wants regarding black films and black television shows. In the long run Tyler Perry films have hurt the diversity of black films that are being made and it puts a lot of black writers, producers, actors, and directors who want to produce a different type of black film or television show out of work. This is why we haven’t seen a Spike Lee or John Singleton movie in years.

    I think when it comes to mainstream Hollywood it has one standard when it comes to making black films and casting black actors and another for making white films and casting white actors. When Will Smith did the movie “Hitch” which grossed over $368M Worldwide; he said that “he knew he couldn’t cast a black female romantic lead, because it would be considered as a black film and there would be significant box office consequences.” He said also “that casting a white female lead would have similar consequences because he is a black male” so he went with a Hispanic romantic lead (Eva Mendes) who for one time was the industry go to Latina for casting opposite black male actors.

    Just today I was talking to one of industry friends who is African American and we were talking about the casting of “Thor” and how she hated “Natalie Portman in it because she considers her to be a bad actor.” I agreed with her and I said it is interesting how Hollywood treats black attractive actors and white non acting actors differently, because bad acting but physically attractive white actors will get cast in movies over and over again, and they will get instantaneous idol status, but black attractive actors are not given the same idol status (I hope this makes sense with you). Often times I will get break downs for films ( character descriptions), and some of those character descriptions will be very ambiguous racially, like a waitress, a cop, or a judge, etc and I will submit black and Latino actors for those roles and who are actually good. Often times the film director will reject the minority actors for no other reason than they are not white. They will say something like ” hummmm they are no the right fit for this firm or most of the time they will say nothing at all.

    Also look at Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie received an obscene amount of money for their baby pics (I think like somewhere in the 12 million range) and there was a huge fanfare regarding their pictures, however Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey did not receive anywhere near that for their baby pictures and there wasn’t too much fanfare about it. However, I think if Mariah was married to Nick Lachey there would have been a lot of fanfare for their baby pics. I hope this answer your questions.

    1. ^^that makes so much sense.

      i agree 100% with the tyler perry school of film making issues.
      his movies are always the same and he has set a terrible standard of how black movies will be produced.
      can we get a love jones? best man? or even stella getting her groove back again? or do we have to settle for a loud talkin gum smackin grandma who will shoot you if you blink wrong.

      i have another question: why is someone like beyonce getting more work than angela basset?

      1. Hey Jar:

        “Why is someone like beyonce getting more work than Angela Basset? Another good question and I think that the answer is kind of simple and it goes back to the theme of racism in Hollywood. I had this conversation with other black actors, writers, and casting directors over the years and we all think that it comes down to a few varibles 1.Hollywood doesn’t knows what to do with strong black actors especially strong black female actors. If you look at actors such as Alfre Woodard, CCH Pounder, Cicely Tyson, Gina Torres, Lynn Whitfield and Angela Basset to name a few; I think Hollywood is very reluctant to cast them in a variety of main stream films, because their presence is so strong on film that they will upstage almost any white actor they have to play across from in a scene. You remember how powerful Ms. Basset was in Contact and she only had a handful of scenes. If these actors were white they would have been continuously honored with Oscar nominations, and cast routinely on the same level of Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Charlize Theron, Cate Blanchett, Cathy Bates, Susan Sarandon, etc.

        2. Also it has to do with age, because the once an actress plays a mother in a film that means that their bank ability as a sex symbol is on the decline. 3. Finally it has to do with what the industry perceives as crossover bank-ability. For example, at one time Hollywood considered Hallie Bailey as more bank-able at the box office than the black actors I mentioned because she fit the Hollywood standard for beauty (biracial lite, complexion, good hair), and she was willing to degrade herself on film in order to gain work. At the height of her popularity Hallie was getting about $20 million per film. Until they got tired of her because her films were flopping and kicked her to the curb, and she is having problems rebounding because she lost a bulk of her black fan base because of her continuously sleeping with white men in most of her films. Now Hollywood sees Beyonce as its new “black it girl” because of her cross over appeal due to her music, regardless of her acting ability. This is the same reason that 50 Cent received a 200 million dollar film deal to make 20 movies at 10 Million dollars each and why he is getting cast in movies more than other more talented black actors. I hope I answered your question.

        1. ^ok I get it now.

          I have 2 more questions…

          How much of an popular actor/singer is reality and what is PR?

          and one last question: does the casting couch really exists for female and male actors? and is this really common? it just a industry urban legend?

  4. I honestly believe that its more or so about the money, like I think that he gets paid more to do these films so he performs better..

    1. Jar:

      I did not understand part of your first question “How much of an popular actor/singer is reality and what is PR?

      If I understand your question about PR, PR stands for Public Relations which is a big word used by the industry for promoting someone through the use of the media (print, television, radio, etc). As far as your question about the “casting couch,” I would answer all of the above. Meaning that yes both men and women are targeted daily for the casting couch by directors, producer, other actors, and casting directors. However, I don’t think that everyone who gets a role in Hollywood didn’t do it via the casting couch, but my experience has been with men that some of them tend to either directly or indirectly make the proposal of sex for a role. As a part of my job I get hundreds of submissions by agents which is the actor’s picture and resume for any one film or television roles. Let me tell you most of the head shots are of madd phyne men and women lol, and most of the time when these actors audition they go on and on about how the role they are reading for is written for just for them and the funny thing is that the role they are auditioning for are for crappy movies lol .Then they will use the line ” I will do anything for this role. So I guess any casting director who is unethical can pick up on those cues and exploit them. I hope I answered your question.

      1. ^as always…

        I meant these people that fans admire, defend, and give their life too – how much of the artist/actor/actress is true and how much is made up in an office?

        like this sweet Beyonce everyone is so obsessed with, for instance. Back a few years ago with Destiny’s Child, she came off like a real b i t c h – people hated her. it seems like her team/ she had go mute that in order to be successful today…

        are these people playin a role? or is this who these stars really are? it seems like everything with everyone on television is planned.

    2. Sexc:

      Yeah sometimes it is about the money in direct or indirect ways, and the direct way would be more like if Brad Pitt were asked to be in a Michael Bay or a Steven Spieberg film he would usually ask for his 20 mil per picture price tag. However say if he was interested in acting in a small independent film by an up and coming director who only has a budget of 1million dollars then he may do it for scale or wave his fee altogether for a piece of the cash on the backend which means in case you don’t know that he will get his money from the box office receipts if the film is successful like “Broke Back Mountain”. Often times many films will not get made unless there is a big star attached to it. For example, Eve’s Bayou would not have been made unless Samuel L Jackson agreed to be attached to it. He did it has a favor to the Director who was married to the actor who played Debbie Morgan’s love interest in the film Vondie Curtis-Hall.

  5. Hey Shea:

    Thanks for the props I figured that it was central casting, because I send a lot of starting non- union and non-reped actors there to get their feet wet, but I know that they don’t get too many call back and then they have to pay that fee in order to be register. I think with central casting its about the str8 casting directors/assistants way of getting some fresh female stuff lol. You are correct that there are only a hand full of black male and female actors who are locking down over 80% of the film roles in Hollywood and they are Denzel, Morgan Freeman, Will Smith, 50 Cent, Idris, and Anthony Mackie is starting to get a lot of roles which I love because he is a classically trained Actor.

  6. Jar:

    Once again you are correct most of what comes out in Hollywood regarding actors, singers, and movies are mostly about manipulating the masses into supporting an actor,a singer, a television show or a film. This is why they have advance studio screenings for films and listening parties for new music. The most common form of PR manipulations is if a female actor or singer’s career is in trouble because of continuous poor CD sales, or an actor continuous box office flops or tons of bad PR like Britney Spears of Hallie Berry they will usually have a baby to improve their image like Beyounce or if it is a male actor at a certain point in his career he will get married to project the image of a stable str8 man like Henry Simmons who got married last year. I been to many behind the scenes meetings and I have seen the PR machine in actor, because at the end of the day Hollywood is all about filling movie seats, television ratings, DVD sales and rentals, and music sales. I hope this answers your question.

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