flashman wade shows how much horsepower is in that tail for his stroke resume

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in every onlyfans career of “only showing bawdy“,
the audience can start to get restless.
how many angles can you show your penis or butt cheeks?
“oh look!
they jumped and down wearing sweatpants!
how fun!”
marshall price and gregym have started havin’ sex on their onlyfans.
that is the step up from “look at my bawdy in creative ways“.
it’s now:

“Look at what I can do!”

i haven’t heard about flashman wade in a minute.
i know his onlyfans was “how many angles can i show my cheekage“.
it seems he has started having sex now.
he did a scene with samie duchamp that someone uploaded…


it was giving a heavy “eh”.
she is moaning really loud with the “it’s in my stomach” face.
i was waiting for her to eat his groceries tbh.
it’s a lot of suckin’ and jerkin’ but it was a cute scene.
it was better than ( x this one ) tbh.
i haven’t seen marshall price new stroke resumes in full,
but gregym seems to have the best “real” stroke and by “real”,
i mean “we did it on the couch and i’m satisfied“.


sometimes i think i forget what real sex looks like because of porn.
real sex is kinda boring for onlyfans tho.
people want to see blood,
and a whole inside rearrangement.
i’m good on that bruther.
i’m not a fan of a violent pounding with hemorrhoids after.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “flashman wade shows how much horsepower is in that tail for his stroke resume”

  1. I’m not impressed. I’m here for sex positivity and using your desirability to make a living, but as a black person living in a black world, this is just dust under the rug. Another beautiful naked desirable body ( beautiful gowns) never the less leave it a home.

  2. According to size queens, he isn’t packing. Tops like his butt. So why gay men are still watching his every move is beyond me. Making him, Grandy Glaze and others rich..while we live in cardboard apartments fighting at Atlanta Pride…if anybody should have a comeup the least we can do is put our coins to GAY BLACK sex workers.

    The obsession with “straight-acting” and gay-for-pay will have the gay community unable to move forward. And I notice that “sexuality is fluid” is used to justify turning a straight guy out. What happened to it not being a choice? smh

    The point is gay men are still waiting for him to take D and in the meantime he is getting coin. It doesn’t help that his best friend, Jay Versace is a bi Black gay men who is probably piping him down in private. He outed that boy from Mindless Behavior, so trust Flashman is his type.

    1. I agree with everything you said here but I have a few comments lol. I’m not a size queen but he does have a small dick even when it’s hard. He has small balls too. I’m versatile so I’ll enjoy every inch of him regardless but facts are facts. I have so many frustrations and questions for the gay community and the black gay sublet in general.

      Jay Versace is gay but what does that have to do with anything?!? He isn’t cute or remotely attractive and is he still relevant outside of doing Erykah Badu drag Queen shows? I’m all for uplifting our fellow gays but they gotta at least fit the bill. I wouldn’t give him the time of day if he was straight or the guy next door. What happened to Mindless Behavior?

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