Flashman Wade Has Even More “Bun-nage” Now?

so i just saw a picture of flashman wade just now.
it left me kinda baffled.
is his tail really this big now?…

his bunz cheeks looking like:

he giving me “saartjie “sarah” baartman” in that photo of his.
look her up.
well his cake is selling by the pound on his connectpal:

i’m not complaining.
are you?

lowkey: when is he gonna give us a sex show?
i’m curious about his stroke and stamina.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Flashman Wade Has Even More “Bun-nage” Now?”

  1. Damn that ass is nice, I wished mine looked like his. So is he foxhole friendly or not? I’m just asking since he is showcasing those nice pound cakes of his constantly.

  2. I hate to admit it but I actually paid for his connectpal for 2 months. He was overcharging for bullshit. He had a couple of nice pictures but it honestly wasn’t worth 17.99. His is a very attractive man with a nice body. His penis isn’t that big, but it was fine to me. I don’t like big penesis. His ass is very nice like it’s mesmerizing how big it is. He is gay friendly which is nice but all of that just wasn’t worth 17.99. He would have up to 60 likes on a photo and a ton of comments. This site is. basically paying his rent.

      1. *glares with sunshades on* IDK what you just said Diobro, but if Dallas “Flashman” Wade wants to release a coffee table book that is good for busting a nut, then let him! He got bills to pay! I mean he ain’t gonna whore himself because he ain’t that desperate.

  3. ALLEGEDLY there’s a video of him getting smashed on tumblr. I saw it once but idk if it’s really him and I can’t fund it anymore 😩
    It was hot tho

  4. He was making his ass cheeks clap on connectpal for a customer. I’m not sure if it was on Pornhub or myvidster but it was leaked.

  5. He’s just arching his back.

    Either way he’s just alright with me. His personality is an acquired taste and I find it a bit irritating. I’d smash, but we couldn’t talk lol

  6. I respect Flashman. He knows that his looks won’t last forever and that he only has a little while to profit from them. Flashman also acknowledges that all of his fans are men. He is conflicted about seeing himself as a porn star and wants to believe that his followers are just supporting him, not wanking furiously. He doesn’t like to show D or A but does so reluctantly from time to time. That won’t last long. The money will win. He is up to about 200 connect pal followers, which means at least $2500/ month in income. The coffee table book probably puts another couple of hundred in his pocket. He is still semi-famous enough to be paid for appearances. And, as a fashion/art model , he probably makes another $250/ month. Call it, altogether $36,000 a year to work out and attend parties? There are worse ways to spend your 20’s. Unless he figures out something else to offer the market than flesh, he will be doing increasingly raunchy Connectpals, solo jack-off videos and straight porn within a few years.

    1. The price of being a sex symbol. Oh well, if you got it, FLAUNT IT! At the end of the day, he’ll be a washed up 30 something talking about someone used him while in his 20s and then star in a reality show trying to revive his career as a sex symbol.

      1. Nah. At 30, he will fall in love with a 50yo recent divorcee and help her spend her ex husband’s money for a few more years. At 38, he will knock up a 22yo stripper and work as her “manager” based on his experience in “the industry”.

  7. $These men aren’t making any money. Go to school become a Physical Therapist, or a Physical therapist assistant or dietitian. Coach college football kids and students, maintain your integrity and earn real dollars while becoming a boss and establishing your future versus just doing anything for likes and shares on social media then becoming a has been that no one cares about or pays attention to like so many other handsome faces from the past

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