f0XXX: The Plump Rump Gets Invaded

he calls his pipe “the snake“.
he called homeboi’s ass, “the plump rump“…


shit nicki signs titties.
jamari fox is about to sign butt cheeks.
… + pecs.
… and biceps.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “f0XXX: The Plump Rump Gets Invaded”

  1. He’s in Brooklyn eh? You have something to share with the class Jamari?

    The whole premise of the video is hot, especially following them around with a camera at the beginning. The mask was a turnoff though, for me at least. A fitted to the back and perfect angle should be enough to disguise yourself or at least give you deniability.

  2. That mask had me in TEARS. It looked hilarious. That fox had a really nice set of cakes though. Wow. and omg o_o @ the money shot at the end.

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