f0XXX: Assault With A Deadly Penis

bangbangbangso foxes check the scenario.
wolves i know you can relate.
you talkin to a wolf,
teasin’ him in texts,
sending him booty pics,
and the whole 9 yards.
“ima put it on you.”
that’s what you sayin to him.
well ya’ll hook up after drivin’ him crazy and:


this fox in this foxxx clearly learned the hard way…

yikesx click here to watch this crime scene

damnwell he learned not to bounce those cheeks infront of a starving wolf.
mad he said he had a “pussy” tho.
clearly that dick was shakin’ them vocal chords got him saying any damn thing.
he probably woulda said his checking account number too.
did that wolf not tear him a new one?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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