f0x Asks: Does This Kind Of Throat Turn You On?

you go from standing up like so….

to collapsing on the bed/floor/car/alley/train station/bathroom/dressing room like so….


but, do wolves really like your dicks to be mouth attacked like this when getting head?
i know a few wolves who said this doesn’t really turn them on.
so, i had to ask if this type of throat polish gets a wolf/hybrid hooked?

inquiring foxes want to know…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “f0x Asks: Does This Kind Of Throat Turn You On?”

  1. I’ve had a side piece whose head was amazing. Didn’t matter when, where, or how tired he was, he always gave supreme dome. It was wet, but never sloppy and he always had a firm grip on my dick.

    Personally, the theatrics are cool, but they don’t matter if it doesn’t feel good.
    A lot of guys think just bobbing up and down on the dick and making it super wet is what makes good head. That’s not true.

    I had one guy who gave me head once. It was the wackest shit I had ever received. The head was extra wet and he did all the head action, but he had no idea how to give head. Mid-bob I literally told him to get his clothes on and leave because he was wasting my time.

      1. I don’t like my time being wasted.

        If you’re going to suck my dick, be good at it. There’s a lot of dick to swallow and not enough time in the day.

  2. No one has the exact same technique for oral sex. Enthusiasm goes a long way.

    I hate dudes that are too mechanical with it.

    Lick, kiss, and suck on that shit like you love it.

    I personally pretend like I’m trying to get to the gooey center of a chocolate bar and I have work for it. Lmao!

      1. Lol and I’m not even into dicks at all, but I close my eyes and go IN.

        I like to rest my head on a dude’s stomach while he grinds into my mouth. lol

        I swear I’m not a dick hound though. I just figure if you’re going to do it, might as well make it good.

  3. They are so nonspecific when it comes to what good head is. Plus, a lot of them expect you to be mind readers in terms of knowing what they like. The most i know is to fold my lips back over my teeth but after that I’m kind of just wingin’ it or copying what i saw in a video. How hard am i suppose to suck on it, lightly or hoover vacuum? Do you like it sloppy? Am i suppose to fake moan? Do i involve my hands in any way? The most I’ll get is “do what comes naturally” and that doesn’t give me much guidance.

    1. ^i was just about to ask the same thing.
      i know all wolves hate teeth….
      although I know a wolf who liked you to take your teeth and pull on the edge to his foreskin.
      he liked pain and was into heavy kink.

    2. Basically you try different things to see what gives a strong reaction.

      I smack it on my tongue, trace it around my lips, lick the shaft, tongue tricks on the head, and anything else I can think of. Then you come up with unique routine for that dude based on which one he seemed to react to the most and go in. Guys usually tell you whether to use hands or not.

  4. so Jay and RANDOM.. I love how you two think! Enthusiasm goes a long way. A lot of foxes these days are lazy with it..at least in my neck of the woods. I too have just had to interrupt and be like,” I’m good! just stop!” LOL!!

      1. I don’t want to generalize, but, people now a days think that because they have a fat ass that is the only requirement to get me rock. So, two to three licks and they start looking for approval, like they don’t want to do it. The ass is the first thing in the air and they think I am ready to dive in. Constantly asking questions about how it feels, but it’s only been in their mouth two seconds. Damn stop talking and get to sucking. Or since they don’t like getting their dick sucked, they want to go through the motions on me when they are the ones that pulled it out in the first place. There is quite a difference between sucking dick and a blow JOB. I expect work to be done. JAY you are like my brother from another mother. Your comments are exactly how I feel. Sheesh, I do a better job than the ones who claim they will make my toes curl. All talk and no sucking = “I’m good. NEXT!!”

    1. A lot of them just want to toot their ass up over the bed. They think they’re above giving head.

      I’m going to hit them with the “no thanks” from here on out.

  5. I’m not a big fan of hands – in part cuz the technique usually doesn’t feel good. I’m also not crazy about deep throat cuz bammas usually bend my ish.

    Wet is good, though I like more tongue; lick my shaft, the sensitive part of my glans – get them balls in your mouth. The dudes I love the best have a soft/wet mouth & can take my down while swirling their tongue…whew!

  6. nah, i actually can’t stand a dude who gives head like a sloppy whore. something about slobbing and twisting your neck like a dying chicken all the while slopping like it’s ice cram turns me the fuck off and makes me think you’re a damn slut. and sluts don’t touch my dick..and you seen that dick jamari

  7. I love head. You can be creative all you want. Just do not spit on it, and limit the use of your hands. If I wanted it jerked, I would do it myself.

    I know this dude that does an amazing job with his throat. I can’t even explain it, but trust me when I say, his skills are second to none…and that’s the truth!!!

    Practice makes you better.

    1. That’s why ur my Miami husband nigga!

      I love this shit–everybody got shit to say about what “good head” is…it’s so indiviual that a one-size-fits-all answer can’t be given.

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