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we have all seen the meatiness that is safaree’s penis.
remember when that got leaked?
( x see here )

what a glorious day that was.
safaree might have joined in on the “suck daddy dick” challenge.
onlyfans stars are getting celebs/baller wolves/rappers to lowkey star in their art.
this was his alleged leakage with an onlyfans vixen named symba

she was sucking that zick like the rent was due that night.
that was the gawk gawk 2000 special.
that is the type of mouth wash you give someone you’re really into.
aside from the occasional corniness,
safaree is a handsome wolf.

i want to see safaree smash someone with that meat.
i’m seriously interested in seeing that.
that thing is thick and curves.
it looks dangerous if put in the right position.


this is the type of challenge that i can get with.
as always…

lowkey: people are complaining about this video like the nelly one.
nelly’s dick was “too small”,
isaiah was suckin’ another male,
and not this one is “why is she is suckin so hard?”

here i am just sitting back and enjoying it all.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. Dick Sucking skills are A1 but personally, I could NOT Take someone sucking my balls that hard! Ouch! 😣

  2. You see Lil Fizz getting dragged on Twitter for his OnlyFans that got released to the public. People are so foul πŸ˜‚

  3. I love this normalization of Sex. It was bound to happen. Years ago the Male Penis was this sacred forbidden thing.

    However , It started with dick prints being accepted on instagram ,Tik Tok ,etc..

    Now it’s full out Man Meat !!!!! ( Celebrity meat at that). The guys we want to see ( or thought we wanted to ) Fizz, Nelly ha ha ha

    Speaking of which, HAS ANYONE WATCHED ” PAM AND TOMMY” on Hulu?????[ Chile there is a scene in there that takes ‘ MAN MEAT ‘ to a whole notha level]

    I mean the actor that plays Tommy Lee is actually having a conversation with his Dck and the Dck is talking back!!!

    1. The actor is Sebastian Stan, he plays Bucky Barnes in Marvel movies as the Winter Soldier. Tommy Lee is packing. He put Ray J and Kim to shame. I doubt you will find that online because that came out when VHS had actual sex tapes like the R. Kelly sex tape. You have to go into a Porn Store to get the Pam and Tommy Lee tape.

      1. Wow. You’re totally right .[ The Actor is indeed from Captain America ] Thanks .

        I kept saying ..” he looks familiar.

        He did a great job! They both did a good job. I was surprised I liked it.

        BTW .. I saw the original “Tape” and tommy is packing a monster.

  4. There is no excuse for this considering he’s a married man and a public figure. I understand separations and ppl ‘doing them’, but it’s completely unnecessary to have that on film.

    1. Not if it was done before he was married. People are leaking old footage and we know Safaree put that thing in any woman who was willing. Can’t really judge him for it if we don’t know if he did it before he was married or after he was separated, we don’t know that. He started an Onlyfans with his wife so I agree with you it’s unnecessary but this is Safaree.

      1. Touche. I doubt a thirsty groupie held onto a video like this for this long, but technically, I can’t prove otherwise. And for clarity, I was saying it was unnecessary for him as a married man, and I stand by that. Film away if you’re single or doing it with your partner. If it’s old (and even him, while we’re giving considerations) then no harm no foul.

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