darryl’s creamy milkshake has been dripping all over chaturbate?

“early years” jamari fox was a treat.
i think i was blocked by half the folks i spoke about.
good times.
some were good sports and hit me up; others took themselves too seriously.
i put that side of me in a cage,
but he has been feeling a little antsy these days.

to my surprise,
darryl from ( x this entry ) blocked me.
i guess he didn’t like what i had to font.
it’s interesting since the foxhole dumped all of this in my box…


and this:

for someone with this kind of sorrid past,
darryl seems to take himself too seriously.
a majority of these attentionistos take themselves too seriously tbh.
they want to be stars but cry when they are talked and fonted about.

it’s hard to defend them when they play the blocking games,
but not realize that my f-bi stays lurking in the shadows.
i’m not gonna go as far as to font that he is gay,
but he seems that he likes his inner freak to run wild.
he just wanted publicity for his own shit and that is totally fine,
but don’t act confused about what was happening.

someone said to me one time:

“Your foxes find out information about someone fast.”

they do and i love them for it.
when these folks try pulling the rug up from the world,
the foxes are standing on their cages quietly observing.
you can’t play with my foxhole.

i’m not gonna go back to “early years” jamari fox.
he was too ratchet and doesn’t fit my current vibe.
i’m an evolved version these days.
my ex-therapist told me to let all sides of me out of their cages.
i’m interested in what it brings.

10 thoughts on “darryl’s creamy milkshake has been dripping all over chaturbate?

  1. The more we learn about him the more I realize he makes absolutely no sense like what purpose was it to do beefcake hunter if not to gain a larger gay fanbase? If it was for the money but no exposure why not wear a mask Rhyheim used to do it during the beginning of his career

  2. He has liked a lot transwomen posts on Twitter so tbh I’m not gonna say he’s gay but he aint the straightest arrow in the batch.

  3. Probably a DL/bi-curious wolf unable to admit it, like so many. Tired. He is very attractive, though.

  4. What was his point? I’m so confused. Maybe he is dumb as a box of rocks and thought that he would only get a boom of O.F. followers, and not other gay men in his DM’s asking to suk him up (for cash I’m sure), eventho all of those gay men only found him because they saw him let a gay man suk him up (for cash).

  5. Why didn’t you screenshot my comment¿ I posted a chaturbate page of his from years ago under the initial thread. In the videos I found, he was putting stuff up his butt.

  6. DWL these dudes should be a bit more intelligent . Dont they know that once they upload videos and are members of these sites then their footprint is eternal and searchable!!! HELLO… How dumb can people be!!!

    1. This. Once you turn that webcam on, take that picture and send it. Its there forever. Even if you scrub it from the internet…someone has that shit saved.

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