Could You Take This Dick For 40 Minutes?

That Fox probably did not know WHAT his name was when that pipe was up in him.
I felt so sorry for him watching it but he took that dick like a solider.
I know he could not sit down for a week after gettin’ smashed like that….

Watch the part when his face is looking in the camera and the Wolf brings him back on that dick.


This fucking was like some break up to make up sex.
Daddy wanted to teach you a LESSON.
Make sure you didn’t do what you did AGAIN


I DEFINITELY came…. did you?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “Could You Take This Dick For 40 Minutes?”

  1. I agree with omg. You are not fucking me that hard with a dick that big w/o eating the cakes. I cannot understand how these foxes do that shit.

  2. ok first off yea it was good but aint no way your gona pound me that hard, make a video for xtube, not eat the cakes atleast once in the whole 44:16 mins, and wear a mask. but other than that i loved it and added it to my faves

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