tumblr_n2na8vsTAp1rq7is2o1_500my life is all about signs.
“aha” moments,
if you will.
i’m starting to see that.
believe it.
actually listen to them.
so after the last entry,
i was kinda moody.
i wanted to get out of my head and watch something on tv.
so i went to “on demand” because i wanted to start watching,
“if loving you is wrong” from tyler perry.
when i got to the OWN section,
i noticed it wasn’t there.
okay fine.
i saw that oprah’s “super soul sunday” had some new episodes.
i always need my soul fixed by mama o.
i scrolled down and one caught my attention…
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No One In The World

12113863so i finally finished the book i got from the library last week.
it was called “no one in the world” by the late e lynn harris,
collaborated with rm johnson.
i personally think it is one that all of “us” should read personally.
here’s what it was about without a spoiler
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