Wolf Tail A La Mode: Another Slice.

Wolf tail is better than Fox tail.

I think the appeal is they are always fatter, muscular, and sort of like a forbidden island.
No one is allowed to enter under no circumstances.
But it looks so nice on the outside, doesn’t it?

Another fat Wolf tail; another fuck flick…

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Rise Of The Foxtails (1)

Does everyone remember the discussion we were having in Meetup With A Faceless Stranger (2)?

Well a challenge was brought to my Foxes attention.
I remember the comments went something like this:

“If y’all wanna send me pics of your cakes, Jay & I will get together & tell you what we think…lol” – Wolfie

“YES! Tough job but we’re up for the challenge! The winner should be featured on the site. lol” – JAY

I didn’t think anyone would take it serious…
But one of my faithful Foxes who will remain anon
stepped up for the challenge and sent his Foxtail to be judged.

Okay Wolves.
Don’t run now.

this is the first entry…

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