I Told Myself..

I was going to stop masturbating for a while.

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Fuck Video: Diggin’ Daddy


Can I have his number?

That top was standing all up in his boi puss.
That poor bottom in end didnt know what to do.
Had him speaking chinese and shit.
Top had a
nice little rhythm.
See thats that “you was lounging with Daddy 1 afternoon/
ya’ll started fooling around heavy/he ended up putting in some good pipe/left you in a sexual coma”.

Top had a nice fat ass,
I won’t lie.

Daddy could get it.

Fuck Video: Grinding All Up Inside


I hope this video works.

I would damned near lost my mind.
Something about the way he is grinding all up and through
has me feeling very …. right …. right now.
F me like that LOL

I may have to make a phone call.