Cardi B Wants Ya’ll To Stop Pickin’ On Offset!

i love the “ryde or die” mentality.
i truly do.
when your philandering wolf gets himself trouble,
it’s only right you come to his rescue.
cardi b,
the ultimate “ryde or die”,
  decided to explain to us about offset’s use of “queer”.
it was 3 parts of mind numbing stimulating fun!
this is what she had to say…

you peeped when she said:

“i see him around these pe..
around gays…”

well she told us!
i guess she went so hard after he got her name tatted on his neck:


lowkey: this is the new “queen” tho.
i’m sure her flock ate that nonsense up.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Cardi B Wants Ya’ll To Stop Pickin’ On Offset!”

  1. That sounds like the “I’m not racist I have black friends” bullshit that white people love to say. Plus this isn’t the first time he’s said some homophobic shit. Why the fuck would someone use a world that they don’t know the meaning of? He knew what the fuck he was saying. Girl bye

  2. When are gays going to realize these people don’t care for them…they will pretend to like or relent as long as you continue to fund their high value accounts…They song about gibberish, make songs marketed towards the Heterobots.

    Can someone who is a fan of any of these celebs name a song where they actively portrayed homosexual interactions with a hint of acceptance? Any of them?

    Which is funny. Someone like Janet Jackson who actively stands up for the gays and has even made songs supporting gay relationships and incorporates them in her videos and then you have them types who are popular for…. gibberish…

    This is why Janet will always be the real Queen of freedom, music and gender individuality and acceptance.

    Janet faning hard now..😂😂😂

  3. Shut up Retardi B. Who doesn’t know that queer is a reference for gays? She gets dumber by the minute I swear. And to think this is the woman who females and lost queens are propping up to be the next big female rapper of the current generation is worrying. Lost people.

  4. This girl is dumb as box of rock. every time she open her mouth, the more I want to tell her to shut the hell up.

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