Can You Smell What Franco Noriega Is Cookin?

it smells like “in my gutz” and “i swallow”.
that is usually a good smell two hot animals can cook up together.
so i stumbled upon franco noriega on his tumblr.
he’s a 6’2,
“model turned chef turned business owner”,
peruvian wolf.
his restaurant is called “baby brasa” in new yawk,
but i’m wondering if he is also on the menu…

*googles where his restaurant is located*
i’m about to shimmy shake my tail right down there.


i’m hungry.

all pictures/video credited: franco noriega

visit his restaurant page: baby brasa

read more about franco: gq magazine

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “Can You Smell What Franco Noriega Is Cookin?

  1. Goddamn! That’s it I think ima have to review my no other meat policy shit! This man gave me 100%jungle fever and I’m all over it lol!

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