Attentionistas Can Find Love Too (I Think?)

i’m shocked this is still going on.
hell he allegedly skipped out on his cub’s birth to be with her.

that’s khloe kardashian and nba baller wolf for the cavs,
tristian thompson.
that’s them on vacation in jamaica.
i saw him in person and he has some big hips and a huge tail.

that is just a glimpse of it.
i guess she was inspired by his bawdy for her own?
who knows.
this may just be her longest relationship yet.

lowkey: is she still married to lamar?

picture credited: tristan thompson

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Attentionistas Can Find Love Too (I Think?)”

  1. His child’s mother is wayyyy better looking.

    Khloe looks haggard up close. She piqued looks wise pretty late in life and it was a short pique😂

    Kourtney is the oldest and she looks the youngest and she doesn’t look like she had much work done if any at all.

    1. ^his baby’s mother is gorgeous.
      i don’t know what he was thinking.
      the way he went about dating khloe started off wrong.
      i’m trying to have high hopes for her but…

      kourtney and kim are still the reigning champs lookswise.
      kylie is coming in second,
      but she looks different in motion.

      1. Kim’s best days are behind her as well.

        Too much surgery on her face and ass and she’s no longer proportionate.

        Kim used to be BAD and I’ve never been a fan.

        Kylie looks 35 already and Kendall has the presence of a rock.

        They’re slowly but surely fading popularity wise. They better hope Ryan Seacrest stays on the E channel forever.

      2. ^^Jay, I agree. Kim used to be bad as hell, and I think that was when she was with Reggie, but too much surgery has messed her up. Kourtney has always been the one I liked. She looks normal. Kylie has transformed herself into a better looking mini me version of Kim, but she wears way too much makeup as well, which is a big turnoff to me. You can look good without piling on all of the makeup. I see this with a lot of young Indian girls on my daily travels to work. They have so much makeup caked on their faces, I’m like damn if you smile your face is gonna crack.

    1. She better get that child support setup immediately!

      We know what happens to a black man’s career once a seed of Kris Jenner gets involved. 😂😂

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