this weekend has been legit hell for me.
imagine it being good friday and shit wasn’t good.
i had book club stuff to do,
edits to the podcast,
and i had to write some entries.
it seemed God had other plans for me and it wasn’t good…

i woke up friday and i was good,
but throughout the day,
my neck/shoulder on my left side started to hurt.
it was hard for me to turn my head or make slight movements.
by nighttime,
it was bad as hell.
i didn’t sleep all night.
i was up the whole night in pain as i watched the clock.
every position i tried to sleep in did not work.

on saturday morning,
i woke up and i couldn’t even move my head.

Thats when the panic attack happened.

none of the pills i took worked and there was no relief to the pain.
for whatever reason,
it felt the walls were closing in on me.
i felt stuffy,
couldn’t breathe,
and my legs started to give out shortly after.
all i know is that one minute i was on the couch and the next i was on the floor.

When I got up off the floor and sat back on the couch,
I noticed that I was covered in blood.

blood was everywhere.
i had busted my chin after i fainted.
that is the thing with adrenaline.
you never know you’re injured until you see the blood.
so not only did i aggravate my pain by that fall,
i was also leaking heavy.

the pain isn’t as bad and the leaking finally stopped.
thank God my friends were there for me.
i was in too much pain to update,
but i felt some relief so i wanted to let you know what was going on.

I’m on rest mode and i’ll brb.

lowkey: this past week was a shit show.
next week?

Author: jamari fox

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25 thoughts on “4.3.21

  1. Get your rest. I’m taking a self care day. Sometimes we just need downtime. I’m glad that you’re safe.

    1. ^ thank you malcolm.

      i found some ibuprofen 800 today and they helped.
      they make me tired af tho,
      but at least i can sleep.

      enjoy your self-care day.

  2. Yes, please rest and try to meditate to clear your mind of negative thoughts. 🙏🏽 Wishing you the best!

  3. So very sorry to hear that you had such an unpleasant experience. After you rest please ,please seek Professional medical help to ensure that this never occurs again. You must look out for you!

    You are very much loved and appreciated. There is no one to replace you so please ensure that Jamari is at his best ( smile)

  4. This happened to me last week, too. I couldn’t even turn my head. I used plenty of Tylenol and cbd oil u can get it on Amazon . Also sleeping elevated on a cold water bottle out of the freezer

  5. Please take care of yourself fox and seek medical attention if you are able to. Praying for your recovery

  6. A spoonful of Apple cider vinegar or turmeric in a glass of water can help when pain relievers don’t. Can you program your phone to speed-dial a friend if another such emergency arises again? Like a quick shortcut key?

  7. I just realized that i hadn’t been to the blog all week and the first thing i see is this. Man oh man! Praying you are getting better and stronger with each passing day!

    1. I generally interact with him through DMs on IG,he hasn’t responded yet which is unusual.I know there are a couple of guys on here that he communicates with off line so hopefully they have heard from him since he made this post.
      I hope he’s OK too.

  8. I miss u,Jamari and you keeping us updated on everything. You come first. I hope its nothing serious. Take care of yourself and get well. Me and everyone on your blog or website will keep you in our prays. Speedy recovery.

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