the story that has been “the story” for many on social media

he was told the proper steps in cleaning himself out.
it was weird af to him that he had to shit his brains out before every sexual encounter.
unless a vixen was on her period,
he didn’t think it was this much of a hassle to have sex.
well you can’t have gay sex without making sure you are fully clean and an empty stomach.
those were the rules so he spent hours making sure the water after the enema was clear.

“If you shit on me,
that would not make me happy.” – was what was told to him.

he never did it before so take a chill pill.
he doesn’t even have gay friends to show him the ropes either.
thank God he found a “before anal sex” guide on google.
before all of this,
he was homophobic af,
but he got approached with the opportunity of a lifetime…

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