2 Dicks; 1 Phone

Of all the trife shit…
This one goes hard body.

How you gonna be talking to you man on the phone,
and suckin’ on Pookie’s dick in real time?

(Pookie has a nice ass dick though. Wait until you see the head and girth!)

I have done some scandolous, triflin’, dirty shit in my day
but never something like this.
As much as I can be a sly fox,
I could never do anything that OHH DEEEE.
Well, never say never.

But, how is she going to do something like that?
My biggest concern is how he could he not tell she was slurping on a Penis Popsicle.

Foxes, can I be real for a second?

I do not know about YOU,
but when you are giving some good head,
loud and sloppy is the key to success.
Wiping spit from the side of your mouth.

…ya know, we gonna talk about that in a later blog. lol

But yeah,
this shit is foul.
She looks like a slut.
… and the Magnum on the bed?
Tell Pookie to call me.

You know she got smashed properly.

Check It Out.

2 Dicks; 1 Phone

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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  1. He has to be in fantasy land. You can hear everything in a cellphone. She was talking with her mouth full and she was sloppy with it.

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