You Slap My Ass Again And I’ll Put Your Ass In Handcuffs

tumblr_moiv0lqPDb1s6kexlo1_500its been 30 days already?
well no,
not really.
our fav ocho was released early from jail for whatever reason.
the judge had a change of heart?
did she like the check she was sent?
who knows.
tons of video below….

Chad Johnson has just been released from jail in Florida for slapping his attorney on the ass last week — and get this … on his way out, he called his judge a “blessing in disguise” for throwing him back in the slammer.

It’s pretty remarkable — Chad says he’s THANKFUL for the time he’s had in the pokey the last week, telling reporters, “I had a lot of time to reflect. A lot of time to think about where I’ve been, where I am now, and where I’m going.”

But the craziest part … he says, “A lot of people have tried to get me to slow down in life. Coaches, my agent, my lawyer. And there was one person that was able to do it. And that was my judge Ms. McHugh.”

He added, “Little does she know, I love her to death. Basically what she’s been is a blessing in disguise.”

Which is crazy because practically everyone else on the planet felt like she overreacted big time.

As for Chad’s first move out of jail, he says he’s beelining straight for McDonald’s — watch the video to hear his order.


well let’s hope he did learn something with his week in the big house.
he probably woke up when he couldn’t tweet or make a vine.
i wonder what he did when he got out?

tumblr_mojpwi0D8V1qmsurwo1_500i bet.


  1. Davon said:

    “..Which is crazy because practically everyone else on the planet felt like she overreacted big time.”

    Ochocinco hasn’t learned a thing, noone thought she overreacted, everyone mostly felt he deserved it. He still has his underlying arrogance and silent cockiness, he hasn’t learned anything yet, he is still playing image. He PAID his way out, if he REALLY wanted to learn, he’d stay in there and ‘meditate”

    June 18, 2013
  2. The Man said:

    You know, I think he should have stayed in jail. I think that would have been best for him.

    June 18, 2013
  3. Tyson said:

    How do they expect these celebrities to learn their lesson if they don’t let them fully face the consequences of their actions?

    June 18, 2013
  4. PerfectingMeB said:

    He isn’t going to learn and she did overreact.

    June 18, 2013

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