Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 7.34.55 PMget cho mind out the guttah!
anyway so as you know,
everyone is doing this als ice bucket challenge.
the als standing for “amyotrophic lateral sclerosis”.
basically instead of lighting themselves on fire like the dumb asses,
they decided to throw a bucket of ice water on themselves for a good cause.
how scary is that,
well chris brown got challenged by baller wolf,
kyrie irving,
and well…
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MEATMARKETwell foxhole,
two of the baller wolf favs are officially off the meat market.
i shed a tear earlier today at work.
minnesota viking,
adrian peterson,
married his long time fiance,
they recently showed up to a charity event wearing weddings rings and confirmed the nuptials.
she also changed her twitter name to “peterson”.
  you know its real when that happens.
the other is new yawk giants,
victor cruz.
he actually proposed to his long time girlfriend and career “turn down for never”,
elaina watley.
here is the video…
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