Ya’ll Love The Bunz That Chris Hatton’s Gives You


*the following is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

a foxholer mentioned to me in emails a few weeks ago:

“Why is Chris Hatton always trending on the foxhole?”

when i looked on the sidebar that day ——->,
he was like number three.
he was on there for a few days,
and is now back on there again.
he never leaves the trending blocks.
out of all the meat,
ya’ll love some him.
well he keeps getting leaked all over tumblr

…and his “onlyfans” seems like it’s poppin.
i like the fact he doesn’t speak either.
he isn’t boring us with words or work out videos.
he just shows us his best features and keeps it moving.
he knows the correct temperature of his fan base.

check out chris: only fans

26 Replies to “Ya’ll Love The Bunz That Chris Hatton’s Gives You”

  1. Well, this is his legacy! Being a thirst trapping white boy with a fat ass! *claps* good job Chris Hatton. Do you have other talents besides being a instamodel and a craigslist hoe? Better yet, your “onlyfans” is your gateway to being a PornHub star. I’m sorry Jamari, but I’ve seen better and I have proof. NEXT CAAAAASE!

    1. LOL! Brandon your posts always get me I swear! I needed this laugh. So bored of these E-thots with nothing to offer but narcissism and mediocrity!

    2. @Brandon…He is also a legit Personal Trainer, unlike many of the other “personal trainers” on the IG. LOL

      1. Okay……..sooooooooooo like explain why he’s being an attention whore then? *raises eyebrow like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson* I know I can be a hardass on people’s logic, but I got trust issues. Just saying.

      2. @Christian What exactly is a “legit personal trainer” because it seems like they be handing out those personal training licenses and certificates to any damn body

        Also, legit personal trainers aren’t out here doing porn on the side because they’re too busy making money doing…wait for it…dun dun dun…personal training

        No successful personal trainer would be out here showing their dick and asshole to everybody on the side. Most of these dudes are just porn stars and escorts disguised as personal trainers

      3. Yo, I couldn’t tell you why he does what he does. You have to ask him.
        I was just pointing out that even though he’s on the web showing his ass and body…he works as a personal trainer in a popular gym.

        @KJD…as far as certificates being handed out, ask these dudes on IG if they have any kind of certification or license. The majority will probably say no, but they are quick to tell you they are “personal trainers”.

        Legit…you have credentials. And there are many guys with certifications on the site, not showing their dick/ass/bulge/etc. They are about their craft/career.

        David McIntosh and his brother own a chain of fitness/MMA gyms…and he’s out here showing the goods any and everywhere. Again you have to ask Chris why he’s out here doing what he does. Maybe he thrives on the attention. He needs it to feel secure with himself. I don’t know.

        I’m sure if the gym finds out, they will let him go..if they haven’t already. LOL

      4. Ya’ll have to ask HIM that question as to why he’s doing this, Perhaps he needs the attention, like so many of the other fellas, I couldn’t tell you.

        @KJD Legit…certification. Yeah there are places that hand out certificates like candy. Certifications from legitimate organizations like NASM/NSCA/ACSM/ACE have to undergo thorough and comprehensive evaluations in addition to having to undergo testing to have that certification renewed. Ask many dudes on IG or other sites if they have certification, I’m sure 99.9% of them will say no. Legit trainers broadcast that certification, because that gives them the clout, and allows them to charge higher prices than the dude without certification.

        True no SUCCESSFUL dude would be out here showing ass/dick/bulge on the web, but I’m sure there are some who do. David McIntosh and his brother own a chain of fitness/MMA gyms, yet he’s out here showing his ass, dick, and acting a damn fool on TV. He’s not THAT successful by many standards, but he came to mind while typing…and he’s a Brit as well. LOL

        It all boils down to the need for adoration. These people would be nothing without social media. We feed their existence, with our likes, comments, etc.
        And they know it, which is why they do what they do…and they do it without thinking of the consequences.

      1. Honey, did it seem like I was vexed? Are you reading it like you wanna say a slick comment about my opinion? Do you have dyslexia or some sort of reading difficulty? I mean do you know what context clues are? SMH.

  2. SOOOOOOOO is he like having sex on his only fans or just standing there with his ass propped up? I’m curious, but I won’t be giving him my $9.99 lmao

  3. I saw his tattoo on his back and thought it was interesting and thought his ass looked nice but like someone posted above…He knows his “angles” 😐

    Most of these dudes are just narcissistic. We probably need to let this type of social culture go. Then they can get real jobs and stop getting income from doing some of the most basic shyt. I mean you literally have niggas that give the bare minimum…be wanna charge $12- $15 for a handful of pics and tease videos.

    Now I’m not sayin all are bad (SexyNerd, Tyson and Johnell, are fairly entertaining, and Yu should check them out. I’m sub)

    Even real PORN is business. Yes, they Fawk but they do it for money in a professional manner.

    The Insta-thots such as above just mainly tease and expect you to pay top dollar to see them naked. D**k & A** are a dime a dozen.. The minute we make them realize this, the better.

    P.S. Amadeus ‘@massively_mode’ (Onlyfans and Twitter) has Chris beat by miles and dances circles around him seven times to Sunday. Just saying…We seen him before but that’s a trendy fella right there.

  4. Yeah, as someone said before, this dude knows his angles. Even then it already looks like the carpets don’t match the drapes 😴

  5. Chris Hatton is white bae! I mean, he ain’t gettin MY $10, but he is a heartthrob! Do you see them thighs???😍 and I reeeeally really the fact that he doesn’t speak or do much, cuz it makes it impossible to be turned off by his personality! A lot of Attentionisto’s fuck it up by opening they dumb mouths puttin 20 on 10 and showing us they abhorrent personalities.He knows we don’t give a damn about his views on the socio-economic climate of Saudi Arabia; we here for DAT ASS, and he gives us just that.

      1. Says the dude who’s commenting on porn about how superior he is cuz he doesnt partake in porn??? Take your meds and chill the fuck out Gramps!

      2. I maybe old, but I’m not young dumb and full of AIDS infested cum like your rotted worn out shitter you call your bussy! Have a nice life yougin! Hahahahaaaaaah!

  6. Why are y’all so pressed? I don’t blame him for selling his pictures if people are willing to pay for them. He’s one of the few that isn’t making a bunch of videos with an oversized ego or saying stupid shit.

    I swear gay men are the only ones I’ve seen go to porn and nudes just to critique and bitch πŸ™„

    1. ^thats kinda how i feel about the straight wolves who get naked for the gram.
      i don’t need them to speak or break down the laws of physics.
      you are there to do a job.
      get naked and MAYBE give dick appointments on the low.
      as long as you aren’t complaining or be homophobic about the job you chose to do,
      i say do as you must.

    2. Okay and? I’m not on these blogs gagging over the latest thirst trap. In fact, I don’t even have social media AT ALL. Since you said gay men are you saying all or some? I mean, *tongue pop* you probably the ones who is lonely and horny and don’t even have a man to chop and screw your bussy down. It’s okay, I’m lonely too, but at least I’m not thirsty nor complaining. I’m just speaking my mind. #nextcaaaase

      1. Ooooooh! So you one of them, “I don’t do it so I’m better than you peasants” type of niggas????
        “I’M not on these blogs….”
        “I don’t have social media….”
        “I’M not thirsty….”
        What you want? A cookie?
        That air must be hella thin up on that high horse your heafty ass is sitting on, if you think that promulgating at every opportunity how much you’re “not one of us” changes the simple fact that you’re right here in the comments with the very people you CLAIM to be so different from.
        P.S. you quote fucking KHIA! So really, how morally superior can you ACTUALLY be???

  7. Maybe i missed something but I thought that Jamari was asking or commenting on why so many were clicking on checking out Chris. We all know there are a lot of people choosing social media for attention, fame, money etc. But what is keeping us viewing? We always talk about them not being talented and having nothing to offer but we can’t seem to stop looking. No judging just an observation. I know I have clicked and checked him out and liked what I saw. So what. There is something very Kim Kardashian about the entire thing.

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