1. Its a difference between a man having a nice phat ass and a man having an ass like a woman. But I’m sure there are plenty of wolves who would have fun tapping that. Just looks a little awkward to me.

  2. Omg okay im not hating his body is NICE however as a fellow fox it looks more like a woman then a guy with a phat ass and I’m a fan of the former but im not a top so I’ve had guys tell me I have an ass like a female however I don’t have curves like this guy. He did that though on the calm he better be careful before his ass get kidnapped with a shape like that

  3. Omg I miss his fotos ever since he change his instagram into private and I don’t have instagram 🙁 But thank you Jamari for making my day. Sometime I wish I was Cuban to have an ass like that

    • Let this be a lesson to all you foxes to workout your thighs.
      Do squats and abs workout to keep the stomach nice & flat.
      But also rice and black beans is a blessing.

  4. *Howls* Got…DAMN. Now that is what the fuck I’m talkin bout boi!!!

    He should wear looser pants tho, he wears his pants a little too tight. Aww forget that, no he doesn’t, he got to show off that ass. Yea…he gotta put that shit on display for the niggas man lol.

    He ain’t got Nathaniel beat tho lol. Nah. That dude has the best ass lol.

    • He got big thighs for sure.
      If you saw his other fotos he really doesn’t have a big butt, it more of his thighs that makes a statement.

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