When You’re Live In Boyfriend Is Fine and Has A Deadly…

jalen vaden is handome af.
nice facial,
this one.
his lips are perfect and so is his hair.
the scruffy look definitely works for him.
he isn’t a new wolf slave for my foxhole tho.
that is his mug shot for the alleged murder he committed.
a foxholer sent me the story via cbs news

A 22-year-old man is charged with murder after he allegedly threw his girlfriend’s daughter to the ground because the 3-year-old didn’t put on her pajamas. Jalen Vaden is charged with abuse or neglect of a child resulting in death and second degree murder in the death of Jayda Kyle on November 27.

CBS affiliate KOAM reports that police describe Vaden as the girl’s mother’s “live-in boyfriend.”

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by the station, Carl Junction Police Department officers arrived at the home just after 9 p.m. on November 27 and found Jayda unresponsive.

Vaden told police that he told Jayda to put on her pajamas and when she didn’t, threw her down on the floor “causing her to strike her head.” He then allegedly threw her on a bed, and then took the girl by the leg and tossed her “face first” onto the floor. Vaden told police he then left the room and later returned to find the girl bleeding and unresponsive.

According to the affidavit, Jayda was transported to Mercy Hospital in Joplin then airlifted to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City where she was diagnosed with “abusive head trauma” by child abuse physicians. She was declared dead on December 1.

KOAM reports that Carl Junction’s police chief says Kyle’s mother has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

“live in boyfriend”.

it’s always a jackals these vixens shack up with.
letting all kind of trash and filth up in their cribs to co-exist.
they be on some:

babysit my baby while i’m at work,
but you’re home doing nothing.
i’ll pay you in free food and endless supply of pussy.”

the gays can be just as worse with that shit.
i know vixens with cubs who don’t play that with boyfriends.
there have been so much child abuse crimes with these squatters.
i don’t even want house guests past a weekend,
let alone moving some wolf in with me.
if i was a vixen,
i’d be cautious af with who i introduced my cub(s) to as well.
judging from ( x his facebook ),
they looked like they had a happy little family.
as usual,
it’s always deceiving.
may jayda rip and may jalen get his rightful punishment.
i’ll allow him under the jail for what he has done.

article cc: cbs news


  1. Jammy said:

    You know how I be rollin my eyes at lite brights but he’s really attractive and I’ll take a man with a little scruff over a pretty looking dude any day but this goes to show you that crazy comes in all colors, shapes, gender and sizes. Most often, the fines ones be unstable as hell.

    To think anyone would hurt that beautiful little angel. Robbing her of a future…A chance to graduate from H.S. and become a productive woman one day. It’s a crushing blow and a dose of reality in the world we live in these days

    Wtf is a “live in boyfriend” anyway? Is that Code for “Easy access dick” or “Break Me off Bae” occupants?

    These probably be them same type couples that be posted all on Instagram for everyone to see their “Goals” but be broken af outside of the camera.

    December 10, 2017
    • Jamari Fox said:

      ^the way how you put that about her future cut short legit made me tear up.
      when she woke up that day,
      it’s really sad that she wouldn’t be waking up the next.

      December 10, 2017
  2. Christian said:

    You know he about to get fucked up in prison! Either he is going to end up somebody’s bitch, beaten really badly, or even killed himself. Inmates don’t play when it comes to anything involving kids and/or rape.

    He’s about to have a very hard life!

    December 10, 2017
  3. Fashionandsvedka said:

    To all of the vixens and wolves that you are involved with: be careful who you let your children around. If your child isn’t comfortable around that person, take heed.

    You have men and women that will LOVE you, but hate the child because thier not thier parent. They will resent the child because it doesn’t belong to them. It can start subtly, then escalate. From what I read in this post, he loved the girlfriend but despised the child based on how he handled her. It’s not just men; women will hate your child because it’s with another woman, and no matter how long you are with that woman, you as a man will be shared with your child’s mom and your new spouse/girlfriend. No woman can break that bond and may resent the child for that. Be careful who you let around ya kids.

    December 10, 2017
  4. Sixtree said:

    These women will do anything for some dick, she just as guilty as he is?

    December 10, 2017
    • Jamari Fox said:

      ^i think she will/is gonna feel some sort of guilt.

      December 10, 2017
  5. Bryan said:

    Fuck that nigga, i dnt give a fck what ya face structure is, the minute u do some shit like this, u look DISGUSTING! Throw his ass under the jail, skip trial!

    December 10, 2017
  6. Truth said:

    I’m so digusted by his face after ready that….Pure Evil. Threw her face down so hard where he ended up causing her brain trauma and death. I almost cried for this little girl. Jamari you have got to stop being so vain, this whole entry was cringe worthy….like talking about his attractiveness and such, I couldn’t see anything attractive after him murdering this child. I couldn’t even think it.

    December 10, 2017
    • Jamari Fox said:

      he is murderous asshole with an ugly spirit,
      but facially he is handsome.
      he can be attractive and a jackal.
      that isn’t being vain.
      it’s called the TRUTH.
      might i add,
      i slammed him for everything he did to that poor girl.

      December 10, 2017
      • Truth said:

        Call it what u want it’s Vain because if he wasn’t considered attractive to you….your entire thread would’ve been a different tone. The point is who cares about his perceived attractiveness, that shouldn’t even been mention.

        December 10, 2017
      • Christian said:

        @Truth…tell that to all of those people who went gaga over that dude Jeremy’s mugshot. THAT is vain! The fact that he was a career criminal was totally overlooked based on some “good lighting”.
        There have been some women as well who have been pointed out as being attractive based on a mugshot. True, those people didn’t do anything as horrible as abusing and murdering a child (which I don’t believe he really meant to do), but they all had something in common in that people were commenting on…their looks AND their crimes.

        Let’s be honest. There are lots of people who think good-looking people are above acts of violence, as based on comments I’ve seen on other sites. This dude is a good example of that not being the case. As one lady posted, “I can’t believe a man that fine would do something stupid like that.”

        December 11, 2017
      • Truth said:

        You said all this for what purpose….I feel the same way about Jeremy Meeks even tho his crime isn’t as heinous as this dude. You are comparing Apples to oranges, the two scenarios are not the same. Jeremy Meeks didn’t murder a three year old child. End of discussion. This is vain and so are the other weak comparisons you are equating to this child killer.

        December 11, 2017
      • Christian said:

        I wasn’t trying to come of rude/nasty. You should do the same.
        And I said their crimes were not the same. Read my comment again.

        December 11, 2017
      • Truth said:

        You come between a discussion I’m having with another individual….saying to tell my opinions to this, that, and the other with a confrontational tone. But as you say, it wasn’t meant to be rude…man GTFOH. Your 2 cents was irrelevant from the get go. This post is a day old and I’m no longer waisting my time on it, nor arguing with you about it. #Deuces

        December 11, 2017
      • Dignified said:

        But isn’t the point of the whole post the fact that he IS attractive? The whole “even the good looking ones could be the killer so watch your back” (literally in this case) schtick. That’s what stood out to me though. Even though I don’t want to draw attention to it myself, the man is attractive and for many, that’s the deception.

        Poor little girl. What a monster.

        December 11, 2017
  7. JB said:

    I’m disgusted by this…people jus be leaving their blessings in flesh with jus any ol mofo, jus to have a “man” in the house…incredible!

    December 12, 2017
  8. Disney said:

    This blog entry is so tasteless and cringe worthy. Worshiping a child murderers looks? Jamari, sometimes you really act like a typical fag 🤦‍♂️

    December 18, 2017
  9. JAY said:

    Discussions about his attractiveness are completely null and void and perpetuates the same idea some in here are attempting to judge women for. The fact is he’s a child murderer period!

    When anyone mentions his attractiveness it comes off as if you’re trying to humanize someone that killed a child. Like “He did this horrible thing, but do you see how fine he is?!” or “He’s so sexy, why did he have to fuck it up by killing that child?”

    That’s the problem with society is we associate being good looking with being a good person, no matter the signs of the contrary.

    Nah. Ted Bundy and Charles Manson were both considered very attractive men and that’s why all the women they slaughtered trusted them.

    Prison isn’t just for ugly people. Situations like this are when the overused phrase “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” really means something.

    December 18, 2017

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