When Your Denim Poom Poom Shorts Thong Is Wearing You

this one here…
so azealia banks needs help.
this is what she wore to a recent fashion show in paris

gone are these days:

she is just gone.
is this what “banishment” looks like?
i need her to get some kind of help.
2 weeks ago.

lowkey:…and then the coat.
and then the boots and the gloves.

pictures credited: swan gallet/wwd/rex shutterstock | dave bennett


  1. *Immediately goes to Google Play Store and updates virus app*

    *Downloads several more virus protection apps, jus for good measure*

    *Deletes browsing history*


    satan, I rebuke thee out this phone!

  2. All them Po Chickens scarified for nothing, and the Gag is, who knew Spirit flew to Paris and took PayPal-wont He Do It. Was this the Dollar Tree Couture show on Paris Skid Row because I find it hard to believe that she could make it pass Security at a legitimate fashion show.

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