1. Something is going on in their house!
    Okay so you know I am Mariah’s biggest fan but something is up with HER and HIM
    First she doesn’t look like herself anymore, the massive cheek implants, the VERY noticeable weight gain
    She hasn’t churned out a hit for this new album and it’s due next month
    And you can just look at him and tell something’s up
    Idk wat it is

    • ^run he has been doing A LOT of talking lately.
      he had an interview where he talked about all the vixens he smashed.
      i was also confused when he showed up on lhhny.

  2. I heard somebody else say they don’t think these two are gonna last much longer. I don’t think they will either. Nick is acting weird although he was always eccentric.

  3. Come on Nick. Outside of this, he usually looks good in a suit. When he is on his grown man shit he is mature and handsome as he can be.

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