Tremaine Neverson May Have Some Alleged Sex Tape Leakage?

my dreams are coming true.
tremaine neverson,
the fake reality show r&b wolf by the name of trey songz,
may have an alleged sextape leakage on the way.
i just got chills.
a vix-bi sent me what fameolous posted today…

i would scream!!!!!
f-bi and vix-bi…
ya’ll on high alert.
keep me posted when that drops!
i dig the song in episode 2 for “playboy”:

lowkey: tremaine is going all out for this new era,
he is getting free publicity left and right these days.


  1. cap1987 said:

    Doubt it

    He does have an album coming

    The Faux reality show is a smart move to promote him and his music

    February 26, 2017
  2. Noacid said:

    So he likes anal? 😊

    February 26, 2017
      • Y Colette said:

        I don’t know if it’s a girl because they didn’t say anything

        February 26, 2017
  3. The Man said:

    Trey Songz likes digging in booty? Mmhm

    February 26, 2017
  4. Ricardo. Fox said:

    A nude pic would’ve been better that tat don’t make it him

    February 26, 2017

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