1. secret fox

    Jamari have u ever thought about becoming a journalist/Author?? or at the very least SEX column writer? u are CARRIE BRADSHAW!! and ur everyday encounters are things we wanna do and say and be a part of (atleast in our head). writing is ur “calling” my friend! i know u had other plans for wat u might wanna achieve/become in life but when life gives u lemons u trade em in for oranges and make a mimosa!!. lmao im just saying ur looking for something that has been there for as long as u decided to write this blog. u should be writing for one of these gossip sites or major magazines. and why are u not making any money off this site?? u have the views!! well anyway keep up with tha blog!

  2. tajan

    So glad you are going with the flow, thats one thing that has been so hard for me because I never want to be embarrassed, appear vulnerable or weak, so I always try to control any situation and plan everything out and always be prepared,but I find you miss so many moments and miss out on so much, sometimes you do just have to say Fuck It and live life, and dont give no fucks what anybody thinks. Im taking baby steps on living like this to see where this new road will lead.

  3. The Man

    I’m keeping myself guarded because I don’t want to get hurt, but I’m not afraid to take a chance tho. I do have to live, we all do.

    Hopefully that dude gives you a call Jamari.

    • Nerd

      Man you can only get hurt if you don’t watch and react to signs that things are going left.. There are always signs and examples that show us that its something that doesn’t belong in our lives.. So of course keep some walls up but you have to let someone in the courtyard for a tour.

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