The Tall “Redwood” Wolf Who Goes By “BFG”

there are a lot of tall “redwood” wolves walking around out here.
they be fine af too.
the example of this entry,
from the uk is the perfect example…

his the 6’3/238 lb big ass can’t even fit in the chair.
here are some more shots and video:

i would love to climb that tree

i like that he concentrates on his legs too:

it would be a mess to look like that,
with a big top,
and with chicken legs.
not attractive.
and this is his #tbt:

is it me or does he not look like captain america’s #tbt:

i love a good glo up.


  1. Beautiful…l-l-looove to see dudes focus on legs, esp sh1t like front squats gettin that teardrop in order I see…these are variations you don’t see all that often in gyms now days, or at least the ones I’ve been to…I’m wondering if he accomplished this au natural though…he even had a lil sumn back there when he was skinny lol

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