1. Christian

    LMAO…when he said they were not on her level! I’m saying to myself, the shows you WERE on, were CANCELED or on the way out! Uh, Hello…Housewives is your ONLY income now!
    Bytch please! And I don’t like calling women that word. LOL

  2. The Man

    What the hell has Nene done so big that she is above everyone? I am clearly missing something. One season on a now cancelled show and one reoccurring role. GTFOH.

    I do not understand why she uses gay slurs either. Andy Cohen and Ryan Murphy are feminine acting, and they sign her checks. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. She will not be receiving any serious offers until she humbles herself.


    None of them are on her level? She’s getting way too ahead of herself. All Nene done has is strip, act ratchet and bully people.

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