1. Zen Buddha

    People and the internet these days.Who would’ve known it’d come this far.

    Mediatakeout will post any damn thing.I stopped going to their website when I realized it was nothing but trash.Trashy ass stories and trashy ass comments.

  2. The Man

    When I saw the video yesterday, I thought it was true. He was wrong for kidding like that, especially in this day and age where niggas are being exposed left and right. Not cool.

    He’s cute tho. I’ll give him that.

  3. Lindo

    Maybe this part of the reason why str8/gay black athletes date mostly whites. God knows gay black fems are similar to ratchet blk women

  4. these niggas are the reason why it’s hard for gay men, im not even a fem guy, however i have love for my fem and masculine gay brothas, at the end of the day wE’RE ALL gay. but i know plenty of fem guys who dont tell shit and who have gotten some of the baddest wolves on the streets…idk if its true or not i dont automatically believe these stories i think people know in this day and age since being gay is still so damn taboo in black america they know they can call someone gay and almost immediately gain exposure for these illegitimate bastard atrocities of a sites that claim to be true journalism, mediatakeout.com and WSHH…sad but this story will fade whether it’s true or not…i wouldnt put it pass any of these niggas many black men get down these days

  5. I went to high school with his brother. Lol

    He has nice eyes and yes he is attractive, but he’s just photogenic. He’s not all that in person.

    • Lindo

      That why I never trust camera cause do you know how many time I get guys say to me “Wow you’re fucking hot.” with a surprised face and a grin which kinda an insult, but yet flattering at the same time.

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