Conchita Is Taking Care of Home and Signing Checks… Get It Right!

ever since vanessa bryant got this instagram,
she is replying to everything.

she was tired of playing the silent act.
i liked the mystery myself.
drake had a lyric on his song in reference to her.
“you wasn’t shooting with me in the gym”.
pissed her all the way off.
so, she replied…

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Young Money and Jamari Fox Aint Doing Summer Jam, Dagnabit!

I wasn’t interested in Summer Jam this year.
Hell, any year for that matter.
I feel like it is for hood rats and common folks.
No offense.
Shit is so 98.

Anyway, Lil Wayne and nem decided to back out of Summer Jam at the last minute.
I guess they felt the same way too..

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