Crack That Egg All On My Face Daddy (Fuck Jackal Hi-jinx)

was anyone ever really impressed with brian pumper?
his hair and bawdy is the truth,
but i never saw a foXXX with him that impressed me.
he is just all around weird af.
as you know,
he is rapper wolf attentionisto in thse forests.
he has a new song called “crackin eggs”.
you read right.
peep is the song…
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The Magically Re-Appearing “POTUS” Twitter Account

i un-followed the “potus” account and now i’m following it again.
it has happened to everyone who removed the account after obama left.
don’t force these jackals and hyenas on us.
we will all collectively report you for spam.

Jamari, I Need You To Come (I NEED YOU TO COME NOW!)


2016 taught me something.
hell i think my life has all come down to this lesson.
one i had to keep learning over and over:

You can’t be nice to these pineapples

they will take your niceness for weakness.
in the jungles,
the weakest animal is usually a target.
once they do that,
they will drain you for all that you have.
as soon as that’s done,
they will toss you to the side and look for a new supply.
you see the other animals don’t try no fuck shit with a lion.
a little fox tho?
my job has done it all that,
but today,
and i had to get them right

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