The DL College Wrestler, Sex Videos, and The Gift He Gave

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 7.14.05 PMeveryone meet michael l. johnson from missouri.
instagram name is “tigermandingo”.
sounds “sessy real sessy”, huh?
well an f-bi sent me his dossier which included that he:

attended lindenwood university
was a wrestler wolf
like to party
likes sex
has a thing for recording foxes raw
wait i’m missing something…
*scrolls through files*
….oh yeah.
  hiv positive and was maliciously giving it to people

uh huhhhhhhhhh.
welp the riverfronttimes has more on this jackal and his triflin’ ways
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WWE Wolf Darren Young and His Boyfriend Spread For People

520ce50611de6.preview-620 darren young.
wwe wrestler who ( x came out as gay on tmz ).
oh yes i remember him quite well.
he looks like he can kick yo ass.
well he and his boyfriend actually have a spread for people magazine today.
an f-bi sent me the picture and article…
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How To Cook A Sausage In Wrestling Pants

wrestlermeatdon’t you like wrestler wolves in those tight stretch wrestling pants?
  lycra fabric been known show a slow cooking sausage.
well this faceless wrestler wolf for unc-pembroke wanted to show us just how he cooked his meat.
hope this video works…

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Everyone Meet Darren Young’s “Luh-Vah”

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 2.44.59 PMall those who wanted to see darren young’s s/o then here ya go.
sooooo i guess i was right with the thought i kept to myself?

source: tmz