Let’s Meet With Donald Trump To Help “Us”!

it seems like everyone wants to play “peacemaker” with our new president.
all of our “important” blacks are lining up to meet with him.
that last sentence was filled with sarcasm.
i guess they want to play “hero”.
kanye was the first and now we got another to put on his cape.
check who met with donald trump today via the shade room
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George Hill Ain’t The One For The Gay Slander

which one of ya’ll pissed georgie off?
one thing about my favorite vix-bi,
when she brings me a story,
she gives me the full details on details.
when steven beck gets nasty comments on his ig,
he simply ignores and deletes them.
like other attentionistos,
you can get george hill riled up pretty quickly.
so when he posted his picture with beck and himself,
it brought out some negativity.
george decided to screen shot and clapback for us to see…
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