Tyga Might Be An Alleged Bisexual

…according to blac chyna.
so when i woke up today,
i went to go see what was happening on snapchat.
usually thats where all the messiness goes down after hours.
i was caught up with blac chyna going off in her baby daddy,
this is what she said in her snap story…
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Dr. Fix-A-FLat Won’t Be In The Office For A While (Try Back In A Few Years)

i suspect the next time anyone wants fake bunz,
they will make sure to do the research.
so a transgendered she-jackal is headed to jail.
she thought she could play “doctor” and fill bawdy parts with glue and fix-a-flat.
it wasn’t until one of her clients died that she was hauled off to jail.
well she will be sitting on her own fix-a-flat to think about her crimes via the new york post
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When Your Pussy Can’t Get You A Baller Wolf To Round Trip You Home

let’s have a life conversation real quick.
everyone meet ( x realnoelbianca ) up above.
she is a ig attentionista.
her role model is kim kardashian.
say no more.
so she went out to oregon on a one way ticket to allegedly fuck…
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Marilyn Monroe Turns Over In Her Grave and Throws Up

“oh dear”…
marylin monroe was a force to be reckoned with back in her prime.
even in death,
she is still the role model to many a snow bunnies with thot mindsets.

she also had a symmetrical face.
many white actresses have been pegged “the new marylin monroe” and failed miserably.
well a new “fail” tried her hand at recreating marilyn.
check who
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How Much “L”s Is This For Phaedra Parks Now?

when my spirit doesn’t care for someone,
i am usually 99.9% right.
when i first saw phaedra parks on her debut on “rhoa”,
she rubbed me the wrong way.
she didn’t do anything in particular,
but her energy came off sus.
well after seasons of alleged scheming and lying,
i ended up being right.
in her latest alleged lying,
it seems she fibbed her way in being divorced as well.
remember this:

well then this happened via reality tea
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