Auntie Viv Only Wants Female Dollars and Not Gay Ones?

i feel like the following is going to get a little messy.
it might not.
the foxhole may have locked away the petty for 2017.
so you know i love auntie viv.
some of the foxhole hasn’t been a fan as of late.
she had an interview where she said she doesn’t want her stripper wolves,
the ones who are on “black magic”,
to dance for “us”.
no “us” allowed.
this is what she had to say via queerty
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All The Gays Want Pussy Now

tumblr_mded34wokS1qc1c9so1_5002016 must be the year of “confusion”.
it seems everyone is just confused.
so much so,
the gays in hollywood are also joining the party.
who knew the straights and gays could end up partying together?
so ( x jussie smollett ) and ( x ricky martin ) have both come out,
no pun intended,
and said they are “open” to being with vixens.

…and stop.

(don’t stop!
click “read more”.

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I’m Happy! And I’m Naked! And I’m Colored! Gimmie A Hug!


if he was completely naked and wanted to give you a hug,
would you let him?
just a question.
well this naked gentleman wanted to give random hugs in a cali train station.
and well…

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