The Wolf Who Wanted Some Tail That Didn’t Exist Anymore

tumblr_inline_nfojqfJ52c1sjiyxrso this week was star fox’s death anniversary.
it was down,
but i still kept productive about it.
he wouldn’t want me to be a mess,
even though he loved putting me back together when i was.
so i called star fox’s mother tonight.
we have been kinda separated,
but we always come back around during this time.
well tonight,
she had a recent story to tell me…
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He’s With Some Ungrateful Hoe Right Now (He’s Cummin’ Soon)

tumblr_n1il62EkGr1rsxv9zo1_500ever so often,
i like to give good advice.
 i don’t follow my own advice sometimes,
but who does?
i was speaking to a vixen i met recently on the phone earlier.
she was feeling down about trying to attract a wolf.
as most of us,
she is asking:

that is kinda depressing.
anyway this is what i told her in a nutshell…
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“If I Had To Mess With A DL…”


i mean safe sex is a must.
i know this topic is taboo and all,
but i don’t particular give a damn.
my inner werewolf felt like being…
i gotta let my ratchet side out for air sometimes.

so this video,
taken from ilykeembig on pornhub,
definitely features a wolf that fits my “dl description”

(oh and this is DEF nsfw,
and “not for straight eyes unless curious”)

this is not for the cubs.

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