F-BI: Who Dis Wolf Bee on K Michelle Show?

image-48so i have to apologize to k michelle.
i totally haven’t even started watching her reality show on v-h1.
i know.
i can expect a nice curse out soon.
well one thing k michelle knows is a cute wolf.
one of my foxholers named kush alerted me because he knows 1 too.
he wanted an “apb” on the the wolf that made his debut last week...
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Words We Didn’t Get To Say

tumblr_m2gojtuhox1rqdq6wo1_500_largethis maybe for the foxes.
you know i write for us.
maybe for the wolves and hybrids.
i know that it is for anyone in the life.
so let me ask you something:

you ever been out in public,
saw a dude,
and you both were on “the same page”?
because the situation was hot,
ya’ll couldn’t connect in the way you wanted?
the words you both wanted to say couldn’t be said?

oh it has happened to you too?
well that happen to me just now,
actually i think it happens to me all the time
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I Want To Get Inside U Before U Get Deep Inside Me

tumblr_mbldq59SU21rd1um0o1_500what can you offer a man?
no seriously.
you say you want a man,
this great man,
but you don’t know anything besides what you see in porn.
what if he hit you up right now?
would you want to rip off his clothes?
or would you want to get to know whats underneath his fur?
i thought of something for the foxes at work today.
i couldn’t wait to get home and share it…
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That’s What I’m Lookin’ Fo’!

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 11.20.52 AMWHAT UP TUMBLR!
okay you can’t actually say it again,
but i’m in full agreement!
this is exactly what i’m looking fo’.
along with hiv- or other small packages.
i feel he is cummin’ tho.
ooooohhhh do i feel he is cummin.
scratch that.
i feel THEY are cummin.
all kind of wolves interested in me,
and vice versa,
will be cummin’ in abundance.
i mean everywhere.
all walks of life.
different backgrounds and situations.
i’ll never be alone because i won’t have to be.
i’ll always have someone in my life.

i’m speaking it right now.
tumblr_n3cxlg8MR01s59vhto1_500you do the same.
have a blessed day foxhole!