Get On Your Knees (U Ain’t Lickin’ Dis Then U Ain’t Stickin’ Dis)

breads_cinnamon_bun_lgi feel like every wolf should eat booty.
i said it.
“eat booty” does sound a little barbaric.
so how about…
lick the fox hole?
is that better?
surprisingly there are wolves out here who are on a “bunz free” diet.
something about too much carb intake
or some crazy excuse…
its like being in high school again.
we all had that wolf friend(s) who said this classic line:

“hell naw!
i don’t eat no pussy!
yuck thats gross!
she still gotta give me head tho…”

…and secretly,
he was on his knees properly cleaning out her vagina.
this depends on if the vixen was a dumb ass or not.
if the fox has prepared a clean platter for you to dig in…

Why not put on a bib and get on your knees?

well i got a f0xmail from one of my readers with this very discussion…
and “not for straight eyes”)…
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Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 11.52.21 PMyou know the f-bi is always on it.
so remember this wolf from ( x the last entry ).
well his name is mike rose and he is from new yawk.
do you want to see more?
well i’m gong to show you….
(btw: this entry is about to be ALL THE WAY RATCHET.
you already know the rules when this happens)
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The Monster Within

2581818ec3f5d16ae831bf875158d415“the road to my happiness is paved in plastic.”
i just got home.
after that scene at the dog and pony show i call “my job” friday,
i decided to go and have some much retail therapy on saturday.
can i mention how every major store had sales today?
50 to 60% off.
lordt take me now!
i met up with one of my straight wolf friends who was going to be in soho.
i didn’t really spend too much.
he outdid me.
something about seeing the words,
“thank you”,
after my purchase is rung up makes me have an orgasm.
so we both decided to have lunch,
his treat,
and talk about some recent events that ended up bothering me…
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THEWOLFOFDREAMS….he is getting into a good work out.
so i saw this wolf last night and he definitely relieved any stress i was feeling.
he is fiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnneeeeeee and the body is crazy.
he is a little too big tho.
too big for my taste.
check him out putting in work for my fellow ratchets.
and “not for straight eyes”)


The Singer Wolf, His Taste for Bunz, and Possible Exposure?

rnbwolfsingerhmmonce upon a time,
in a state far far away,
there was an up and coming r & b singer wolf by the name of mister sing your drawz off.
now mister sing your drawz off was quite handsome.
while he was getting his career together on one side,
he was addicted to the taste of honey bunz on the other side of his bed.
now wait.
don’t you go thinkin’ he has fully crossed over.
not at all.
he also likes pussy platter on fleek.
well he was getting into the bunz of another r n b singer fox.
it ended up being a relationship after a while.
in doing that,
he was also smashin’ an up and coming rapper fox on the side.
mister sing your drawz off was a busy wolf.
well one faithful day…
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You Can “F*ck The Shit Out The Wolf” Too

0776one of my straight wolf friends was talmbout this vixen he finally banged.
he said he was going to put it on her,
but i guess the tables turned because he said:

“yo she fucked the shit out of me son”

…um strap on?
i was confused at how a vixen could fuck the shit out a wolf.
he explained and i got it soon after.
as a fox who is always the submissive one in the pairing,
and one who will bust an nuclear nut over a muscular body,
if this wolf was in my situation i would definitely fuck the shit out him…
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f0xmail: My Friend Is Being Neglected! Help!


Hey Buddy:

Low-key: I have know you for a while and love your website. Now I’m not the big advice wolf so I need your take on this for my friend.
What would you do..Do you ever have the feeling that you know you are right but you continue want to be wrong about things…. ?
So you meet this wolf who keeps saying he wants to hang out. You set up times move your schedule to accommodate. That day comes and nothing…You end up calling the wolf to see what happened. Okay things happen but it seems like everytime there is something, the wolf wants to see you as he works bicostally.
When he is on your coast and you try to get that time then you are thrown between friends, brunch,and  any and everything else. You also still have to check to see if your time is gonna happen… The wolf wants to be with you or so it’s said ….You go off because you just need to know what’s up…You think he and his New Yark X are done…Then in an exchange you find out the The wolf has another wolf who lives on the west coast which he never mentioned that he was still kicking it with between all the 750 texts and for your eyes only ass selfies. At  This point,you feel some kinda way about the lies and deceit .The wolf tries to make it seem like you got the issue.  He states he is not used to having pressure put on him about things….He states that things should be on his terms…. This same wolf wants to do an event business with you. He says he thinks your cool and should relax.
What should you do short of going to jail or throwing a brick in that new BMW..As respect is key here but you are the crazy one for always seeking clarity.. Your concerns are always dismissed and you just supposed to just be cool with what ever?
I need to help my friend and he don’t want to call Kywan….

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I Think We Should All Have Mixed Babies (They’re So Cah-ute!)

lightskinbabieshuhwhats up with these new batch of morons fiending…
for “mixed babies”?

when you go to an instagram or twitter,
you will see some wolf proclaiming he wants some light skin/light eyes cub.
^that picture is actually from a wolf i posted the other week.
check his follower count and you will see the “chosen ones” for the task.
well let me let these sad wayward wolves in on something…
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