I Want To See “Him” Again

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.05.29 PMi was on the train this morning,
late as fuck,
and “he” walked on.
somewhere in the middle of “one dance” by drake and “ain’t to proud to beg” by tlc.
by how he looked,
i definitely had no issues getting on my knees and begging for that pipe.
“he” actually got on the train further down from where i was standing.
he was…

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The Wolf Who Wanted Some Tail That Didn’t Exist Anymore

tumblr_inline_nfojqfJ52c1sjiyxrso this week was star fox’s death anniversary.
it was down,
but i still kept productive about it.
he wouldn’t want me to be a mess,
even though he loved putting me back together when i was.
so i called star fox’s mother tonight.
we have been kinda separated,
but we always come back around during this time.
well tonight,
she had a recent story to tell me…
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He’s With Some Ungrateful Hoe Right Now (He’s Cummin’ Soon)

tumblr_n1il62EkGr1rsxv9zo1_500ever so often,
i like to give good advice.
 i don’t follow my own advice sometimes,
but who does?
i was speaking to a vixen i met recently on the phone earlier.
she was feeling down about trying to attract a wolf.
as most of us,
she is asking:

that is kinda depressing.
anyway this is what i told her in a nutshell…
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