Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 11.20.52 AMWHAT UP TUMBLR!
okay you can’t actually say it again,
but i’m in full agreement!
this is exactly what i’m looking fo’.
along with hiv- or other small packages.
i feel he is cummin’ tho.
ooooohhhh do i feel he is cummin.
scratch that.
i feel THEY are cummin.
all kind of wolves interested in me,
and vice versa,
will be cummin’ in abundance.
i mean everywhere.
all walks of life.
different backgrounds and situations.
i’ll never be alone because i won’t have to be.
i’ll always have someone in my life.

i’m speaking it right now.
tumblr_n3cxlg8MR01s59vhto1_500you do the same.
have a blessed day foxhole!

tumblr_n2wvj102OA1si245xo1_500shameless plug to tumblr “boi pvssy”.
so i guess “boi pvssy”,
the one we supposedly got,
is really catching on on these streets.
fly young red,
the rapper wolf who started it all,
had an interview with dj baker of “da boo dirty show” yesterday that a vix-bi hipped me to.
he went IN on everything “boi pvssy”.
take a listen.
oh this is DEF nsfw,
and “not for straight ears”

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artworks-000055801220-8k7d6i-originalever since i started riding my high flying disk,
life has been a lot different than before.
i’ve mentioned some of the things that have happened since i started flying.
i ask a question and the universe provides me an answer.
no lines; no waiting.
just how i like it.
so you know that entry from yesterday?
the one where i was acting like a complete whore over this wolf?
oh you judgin’,
mr. virgin?
oh ok.

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