Let’s Record Him High and Send It to RadarOnline

i find videos like the following to be very sad.
so i didn’t know gary houston,
whitney houston‘s brother,
was allegedly addicted to drugs.
well i found out yesterday when an f-bi sent me the following article:

Whitney Houston Brother Caught Unconscious Outside Drug Den In Video

…courtesy of radar online.
of course,
i saw “drug den” and had to see wtf was up.
well in the video was so depressing to me.
it showed gary,
allegedly high af,
in his suv.
check it out below
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Bobby Brown is The Example of a “Bad Wolf”

us-bobby-brown-whitney-houston-cover-zoom-ce383d67-c9b0-414e-b504-8d63219abd54someone is broke.
you know when people start running their mouthes,
especially about their dead “loved ones” business,
that a check was somewhere involved.
well this is celebs.
your family may do it for free.
so bobby brown is talking about his relationship with whitney houston.
he wrote his memoirs in his new book,
“every little step”.
he revealed everything about whitney,
including her relationship with a vixen named “robyn crawford”.
whitney may have been bisexual.
this is what he had to say via us weekly
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Sam Smith Remakes Whitney and Amy For Us

tumblr_m2ixjymIcA1r7r8e0o1_1280one of my favorite songs from the late whitney houston is “how will i know”.
that song is on the soundtrack to my life.
  honorable mention: “just the lonely talking”.
well sam smith,
another artist i love,
re-released his emo-inspiring album,
“in the lonely hour”.
he decided to title it,
“in the lonely hour: drowning sorrows edition”.
definitely what i need as i play “call of duty” this weekend.
well he attempted a remake of “how will i know” and well…
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Ray J Had Some Things To Say About Whitney Houston (Eek!)

tumblr_lumm5qfm231qb9pa3o1_500well he had a lot to say about kim k!
am i the only one who thought he was sexy in that tape?

so apparently someone released an old interview with ray j.
he was talking about his relations with kim k and the great whitney houston.
well he had a lot to say about the late singer.
like how he used her for fame and wasn’t really feeling her.
take a listen…

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