Auntie Viv Only Wants Female Dollars and Not Gay Ones?

i feel like the following is going to get a little messy.
it might not.
the foxhole may have locked away the petty for 2017.
so you know i love auntie viv.
some of the foxhole hasn’t been a fan as of late.
she had an interview where she said she doesn’t want her stripper wolves,
the ones who are on “black magic”,
to dance for “us”.
no “us” allowed.
this is what she had to say via queerty
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Romeo Has More ‘Splaining To Do?

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 7.37.15 PMremember this is all romeo did?
shut up and look good?
well ever since he got with that snow bunny,
and his fan base turned on him,
he has been doing a lot of talking these days.
he cannot understand why they hate on his relationship.
how i miss the days he was “cute and silent”.
well he went on meredith viera to do some more explaining…
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You Ain’t Gay If You Smash A Dude Once Every Blue Moon (DL REJOICE!)

SONY DSCmental illness is prevalent in the black community.
you’ll see why i said that soon.
so everyone meet battle rapper,
i’m sure its pronounced “daylight” for those who are confused.
well in his battle shtick,
he tries to be shocking.
last year he said he wanted to “fuck the shit out of diddy”.
well this year he now wants a piece of ti.
he also claims he ain’t gay.
he says he smashes more vixens and in the gay book,
that means he ain’t gay.
well this is what he told vladtv
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Vixens Out Here Doing Free PR For These “Straight” Wolves

set scene:

uh uh.
he ain’t gay.
no he ain’t.
he has sex with bitches.
he had sex with my homegirl…”

or my fav:

uh uh.
he ain’t gay.
when i tried to put my finger in his bootyhole,
he punched me.
i knew he was straight with the ferocity of that punch.”

well of course he punched you hoe!
he knew you were trying to out him so he had to think fast.
let me put my finger in his bootyhole with my mouth on his pipe.
i guarantee i’ll get the ring and his credit card
so you’ve seen many vixens work free PR for some fox/wolf/hybrid out here.
whether it be the celeb of their dreams or boy next door,
vixens think they know who men are fuckin’ 24/7.
if a wolf always finds his way into pussy,
or he has a body count with a lot of vixens,
that automatically rules out he is ever attracted to the same sex.
no way could that same wolf be “bi” or even “tri”.
they’re always so cute.
all defensive and turning red in the face.
well i’m here to say a few words
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